Hannah Grace

A week before Christmas at the end of 2013, our lives changed forever. We lost our daughter a week before her due date, a stillbirth, and although she had no life left, on December seventeenth we gave birth to our very first baby girl. Her name was Hannah Grace, because she was a blessing from the Lord, a reminder of God's favor. Although our hearts ache constantly, we have felt the peace of the Lord.

This is the story of the death and birth of our Hannah. This is the story of the Lord's goodness through suffering, of the Lord's peace when there is no understanding, of the Lord's joy and hope when everything would otherwise seem hopeless.

The Story of Hannah Grace

                     Part One:                                 Part Two:                               Part Three:
              The Short Version               Thick-Rimmed Glasses                Filling the Room

                      Part Four:                               Part Five:                                 Part Six:
                       Big God                            My Favorite Part                    Giving Her Away

It's the Seventeen Today: Pictures of our Hannah Grace

Our Life After Death

These are the stories of our life after death, of our life as we grieved. I pray that as you read them you find hope. If you are reading them because you've suffered your own loss, know that I have prayed for you through tears and I continue to pray for you. If you read them without loss, I pray that the Lord would somehow teach you more of his love, that you could somehow learn from our suffering without having to go through it yourself.

His Mercies Are New

But She Wasn't There

Choosing the Pretty One

The Marks She Left


Today That's Okay

What They Did

I Never Did Give Up

Are There Stages?

I Will Think on These Things

Missing Her


A Good Season

I Want the Memories

Two Options

Three Letters

Including Myself

First Christmas

We Talk About Her All the Time

Scriptures for Our Loss

A Mix CD, Of All Things

Forty Weeks

If you would like to see some of our joy as we knew Hannah before she was gone, as we counted the weeks through our pregnancy. Feel free to read. She gave us great joy, and the stories of her life with us for forty weeks are here.

13 Weeks
Guessing Game
Telling Kyle
Five Weeks
Six & Seven Weeks
Eight Weeks
The First Appointment
Friday Pic
Seven Weeks: Take Two
Let's Clear Up This Baby Business
The Real Eight to Ten Weeks
Eleven to Thirteen Weeks
Fourteen to Sixteen Weeks
Seventeen to Nineteen Weeks
Weeks Twenty to Twenty-Two
Twenty-Three Weeks
Working Weekend,
Twenty-Four Weeks
Twenty-Five Weeks
Prints for the Nursery
Twenty-Six Weeks
Twenty-Seven Weeks
Twenty-Eight Weeks
Twenty-Nine Weeks
Thirty Weeks
Thirty-One Weeks
Maternity Pictures
Thirty-Two Weeks
Thirty-Three Weeks
Thirty-Four Weeks
Oh Thanksgiving Break
Thirty-Five Weeks
Thirty-Six Weeks
Thirty-Seven Weeks
The Nursery
Thirty-Eight Weeks
Hannah Grace Hess
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