Aug 14, 2013

Eleven to Thirteen Weeks

As I marvel and laugh at the fact that out kiddo can kick me in the stomach now... here are weeks eleven to thirteen. I apologize again at the lack of 'bump' pics all standing the same way and everything... We were busy this summer. We did our best.

June 4, 2013
11 Weeks, 0 Days
Today I got to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat. Yep, I'm calling it a baby now. Although I'm still not sure if I believe anything's really in there. Like Kyle said, "how do you know that's not your heartbeat?" And I know, my heart doesn't beat at 160 beats per minute, but it's like when you're on a ropes course and your're still scared. Even though you know the rope's going to catch you. Feelings are sometimes different than the truth.

It was a fun visit though, well interested for sure.

I drank plenty of water in case a urine test or a blood draw was needed. Gotta stay hydrated. But when I ran through the door of the office me and my pregnant self had to pee. Got the urine cup, headed to the bathroom. Check.

Met with the nurse Regina to answer a few questions. I tried my best to remember which sample of prenatal it was that I had liked the best so I could tell her, but I couldn't remember the name. Oops. I met with nurse Amanda and she said my blood pressure and weight were fine, so I headed to the exam room.

After a good long while of sitting my doctor walked in. Then paused. Then said, sorry I'm in the wrong room. Apparently she had another patient to see before me. So I waited. And waited. And then my pregnant bladder had to pee. I was in the paper gown and I was not about to run across the hall dressed in paper. So after debating for a few minutes I changed all the way back into my real clothes, ran across the hall, peed, returned to the room and donned my paper gown once again. No problems.

Little while later the doctor came in; she's nice. Kyle was is Colorado, so it was just me and her. She told me a few abnormalities that apparently I was born with. Tilted uterus anyone? And then got down to the exam.
She picked up the Doppler and then warned me, "You're exacly 11 weeks right? Because the baby's still so small we may not hear anything. I don't want you to worry. If that happens we'll have to get out the ultrasound machine and check. That doesn't mean anything's wrong." So then secretly I'm hoping we can't hear the heartbeat just so I get an extra ultrasound. Right?

Baby didn't know the plan. The second she touched my stomach with the Doppler we heard a nice big loud fast heart beat. I almost cried a little. Then I asked if I could record it for Kyle to hear, and maybe for me to listen to over and over again, but she didn't need to know all that...

We moved on and we talked about how my next appointment would be in Colorado. Then my next appointment in Texas would be in August. This would be the big 20 week ultrasound where you get to stare at the baby forever. Kyle wouldn't be there. So I just had to ask, "Can we wait a few weeks to do the big ultrasound so Kyle can be here?" And then ever so gently and politely she said no, medically we needed to get it done by 20 weeks. And then it happened.

I bawled.

I lost all emotional control and I was sobbing, sucking in breaths in the middle of sobs, full on Julia Roberts ugly cry. Like that time I missed my flight last summer going to Colorado. I knew I was uncontrollably crying and I could do nothing to stop it. The doctor said, "oh I 'm sorry, is it because your husband can't be there?" She was trying, and all I could say through the tears was "I'm sorry I'm crying, I don't know why, I'm not even sad." She told me stories of when she cried for no reason when she was pregnant. She assured me that working with pregnant women, she had seen her fair share of crying. Did I mention that I really like her?

I pulled myself together and I got ready to go. She told me I'd need to go ahead and schedule my appointment on the way out. So I did. Or at least I tried. When I told the lady at the front desk that I wouldn't be back in town until I was 20 weeks and 1 day she said I'd have to come in on the day my flight got back. Scheduling issues, my work issues, and the reminder that my husband wouldn't be able to make it... and it started again. The crying.

This time I got out a warning before it got to bad and I said "Sorry, I'm emotional." Then I lost all ability to talk or breathe through the sobs. She told me ever so sweetly that I could call her tomorrow, and then asked me if I was okay to drive home. After a small panic attack and a few snotty rags later, I was okay. Laughing about it even. Truth though, I missed my husband. I just know how excited he is and I don't want him to miss one bit.

Maybe we'll pay ungodly amounts of money to find out the gender in Colorado at 16 week. Maybe we'll pay more ungodly amounts of money to get a 3D and 4D ultrasound in Texas when we get back. We'll see. All kind of depends on how much this July visit in Colorado is going to cost us...

Oh Colorado.

11 Weeks:
Craving anything cold and fruity, because it's just the start of summer but I'm already so hot. Cannot even think about pulled pork. Oh gosh. And they added it to the menu this year at camp. Oh gosh, must. stop. thinking. about. pulled. pork.

How far along? 11 Weeks
Maternity Clothes? Nope, but I'm seriously tempted. Got some maternity jeans from a friend on Sunday, may be wearing those sooner than later...
Stretch Marks? Nope.
Sleep? Sleeping through the night again. Maybe I'm dehydrated. But I'm waking up earlier 6:30 ish and going to the restroom. Much better than 2am.
Best Moment This Week: I think I'm supposed to say "hearing the baby's heartbeat" but I think it's hearing my husband's voice on the phone. I miss him more than I thought.
Miss Anything?: Husband, lol. Great steak, had some wonderful steak Monday night, but had to ask them to cook it longer than I typically like.
Movement? Nothing I can feel.
Food Cravings?: Cold fruity things. Watermelon, cherries, snow cones... but not so much sweet things like ice cream... too sweet right now. Which is kind of crazy. Did I say steak?
Anything making you queasy or sick? Post nasal drip. Pulled pork. Same old.
Boy or Girl? I think I think boy sometimes, but I have no idea. I like the idea of either, but not both :)
Labor signs? Nope, too soon.
Belly Button In or Out? In.
Wedding Rings On or Off? On
Showing? I'm not really sure. I don't think so, but I'm not exactly wearing the slinky things I used to trot around in. Mostly I'm self conscious that someone will notice.
Looking forward to: Seeing my husband. Really. Hugs from that man are priceless. And then looking forward to the 20 week ultrasound, I think. Not so much looking forward to the insurance-ness of finding a doctor in Colorado.

Week 11 rounded out nicely with me wrapping up the school year in Texas, waking up early the day I flew to Colorado to install a programmable thermostat at the house, and hopping a plane to Colorado.

My sister actually surprised both me and herself and stopped by to see me and drive me to Dallas to catch my flight. She happened to be driving from Baton Rouge to Dallas that same day and didn't realize my house was on the way. She's pretty good at geography, lol... as her about Washington D.C.

Anyways I made sure sister and her boo Drew played the claw game while they were at the house...

Week Twelve

Back at camp life got busy. We decided that after the second doctor's appointment we were ready to tell people about the baby. Different people found out at different times...

Mom and Dad found out when I filled up baby bottles with their favorite Icees flavors and hand-delivered them to their living room.

I told Payton and Jared by hiding milk in baby bottles when we picked up donuts in Lake Charles. Jared's face was priceless when he opened the fridge to get milk to go with his donuts. He actually shuddered back, closed the refrigerator door, then reopened it... like he was going to see something different. Then Payton screamed, and then cried...

We told Justin via picture mail because he was out of town... he likes Star Wars.

We told some friends with a number of baby bottle options. Kyle told his parents by slipping it into the Christmas vacation planning conversation.  We sent my grandma a Christmas card, you know, since the baby is due at Christmas time.

Then it came time to tell camp. Kyle decided we could do it in his sneaky fashion. When we were praying before Sunday lunch with the staff he slipped "and pray for the baby in Brittany's tummy" into the prayer. everyone looked up... asked if it was for real... and then everyone was so excited! It was great to finally tell camp because we had been sneaking around with the secret for weeks at camp!

Of course had we been in Texas it would have been easier to tell more people in person, but we figured from Colorado, our best option was facebook. So we posted the announcement using a picture we had taken weeks earlier and it was out.

For week twelve we didn't quite get a 'bump' picture, but we got a few interesting photos... The app on my phone said that the baby had fingerprints during week twelve. And guess what? We had to go get our fingerprints done for camp that week!! I asked the lady at the office if she'd take our picture. She said yes.

Week 13

Week thirteen my sister came to camp! Oh I could not have been more excited! If you've met my sister you know we may not look alike but we're kind of a pair. Kyle loves to see me and Payton together, I think he finds it quite entertaining.

I also started wearing elastic pants this week. These are wonderful pants, they say their from Gap size 8 maternity jeans. A friend gave them to me to wear while pregnant and I have no idea who of my friends originally bought them. But they are comfortable and the perfect size and they're only elastic waist and not the full panel craziness (that apparently is needed later in pregnancy) and I've been wearing them for like 7 weeks now... almost EVERY day. They're like those magical sisterhood pants.

I even got a few baby gifts this week! One family got me one of those awesome Aden + Anais swaddle blankets and another friend of mine sent me this cute baby book!

Week thirteen we went out of our way and took actual bump pictures this week! You should be impressed...

Again, we'll catch up with the fruit pictures when Kyle's back in Texas. As for that... thirteen week. Still seems like I long time ago...

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