Sep 11, 2013

Twenty-Four Weeks

Twenty-Four Weeks

Seems so surreal. This week we had a doctor's appointment. It was just a routine baby-in-the-belly check up, but I asked multiple crazy-mom questions. Like:
I was reading this on the internet...
So I heard someone say...
I was wondering if I should...
I sounded like my nutrition patients when they say "But Dr. Oz said..." and "But my friend lost 75 pounds in 2 weeks when she..." So I kept assuring the doctor that I was asking her because I knew she was the expert and I wanted to know what really was best for me and baby. I kept feeling like a crazy woman, and I think I actually told her a few times 'I'm not crazy, but...' which is like the universal sign for crazy.

But at the end of the appointment, she said "okay so we'll see you in four weeks, and then it'll be every two weeks after that."

I think I was in shock. Every two weeks after that?! We're already that close? Oh this baby is going to be here so soon!! If Kyle wasn't with me I may have run out to buy a car seat that minute, you know "just in case the baby came today..."

We're not 'that far' along that the baby is due anytime soon. But I think it kind of brought home a little reality that pregnancy doesn't last forever and that we should actually be planning for this little girl to join us in the world outside the womb in the future. Crazy...

This week the guest room transformed into the 'baby room.' I whipped out my paint brush and my no-VOC paint and went to town. Again, I'm still not sure about the color, but I think it'll lighten up once we move everything into the room.  Consider that two rooms I've painted while pregnant... I'm sooo dangerous...

But after painting the room, Kyle arrived home with our crib. We had a sweet family give us the crib their kiddos outgrew and we promptly set it up in the baby room. 

I stared at the crib for a long time again thinking 'there's a baby coming...'  

Kyle and I spent some time in the room moving around furniture. Well, he was moving the furniture and I was playing the part of wife saying "oh wait, scoot that over just a tad, nope back the other way, yep... maybe over there" He was a trooper. We have quite a large room, so we are trying to see if we can keep our full size bed in the baby room and still have room for everything else. It'll be nice when we have family over to help with the baby, or just over to visit if we can have a place for people to sleep. The nursery is nowhere near 'complete' but I'm working on it.

This week we had a lot of boxes come into the house. We have sweet friends and family that have looked around their houses and sent so many things. Some have gone to baby consignment sales and bought us things and we are really grateful.

The crazy thing I've used most is the magical maternity box. It's like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, only maybe The Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Clothes.  We have this box that floats around town between our friends. Each soon-to-be mom uses the box of maternity clothes the best she can, adds any maternity clothes she may have bought while pregnant, and when done growing the baby passes it along to the next soon-to-be mother. In a town where maternity clothes (especially cute ones) are hard to find, it's a Godsend. 

Between 'the box' and other clothes I've been sent, this is the stash!

It's wonderful. When only very select items of non-maternity clothes fit, it's wonderful to have maternity clothes already in the house.

We took our Twenty-Four Week pictures, and really this belly gets bigger every day! They say baby's the size of a cantaloupe, but then some people say pineapple. And pineapple's much bigger than a cantaloupe to me...

Twenty-four weeks. It's a little bit crazy to me.

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  1. Brittany, you and baby look SO CUTE!!!
    Her due date is 98 days away!! WOW
    Love you! JH


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