Apr 26, 2016

Bumps, Bruises and Big Brother

We do find out the gender of Baby Number Three today! Mostly though we are praying that the ultrasound goes well and that this sweet little kicking baby is healthy. Until then, take a trip back to ten weeks.

Little Tiny Baby,

Today your big brother took a nasty fall. Twice. I am convinced that he was trying to get himself a 'cool' scar but I know that he's just young and didn't realize that he would trip and fall or that when he stepped backwards on stairs that he would go all the way down said stairs.

I imagine you two playing together and even the bumps and bruises that you may give each other. It makes me wonder if you're a little boy in there that will be the sidekick to all his adventures or maybe a little girl in there that will try so hard to tag along and at some point get kicked out when 'no girls allowed' comes into play.

I hope either way that you will take lots of adventures together. I hope that you will love each other. I hope that you are best friends and can make each other laugh in a way no one else can. I hope that you don't come home too banged up on account of your big brother's dare, but I'm sure there will be a few times.

I love you in there. I can't wait for you to come out and join our little family. On second thought, don't come out just yet, you need more time to cook and I need more time to get your brother ready for all this.

Apr 19, 2016

That Time I was Nine Weeks Pregnant

In my quest to make Baby Number Three feel loved, I give you: Week Nine

Little Tiny Nine Week Old Baby,

I love you. I'm sure your brother will love you too once he realizes you're there. Right now he's just taking advantage of Mom's extra squishy belly and the fact that my hormones make me want to cuddle him all the time. Tonight I read him a bedtime story and realized that you both were there. We sang a favorite "Rise and Shine" and at this point I'm sure you'll be born knowing the lyrics. I sang tonight thinking about my little Children of the Lord and how I pray for you to both rise and shine and give God the glory all the days of your life.

I love you. Also I apologize for my singing voice...

Note: Yep I'm a little behind... what's new?

Apr 12, 2016

Third Babies

You may remember in the days of old when I was pregnant and told you every detail. I sat with my feet up, justifying another yummy snack, typing away as I reflected on the little tiny eggplant-sized baby growing in my belly!

Today I usually remember that I'm pregnant when Lincoln jumps on my belly or when I realize a favorite shirt doesn't quite fit the same anymore. Sometimes my phone reminds me how 'far along' I am and most of the time I'm shocked.

I wanted to be all fit and in shape for Colorado so I did half of an easy-peasy workout DVD that is made for pregnant ladies. You'd probably get bored doing this video because it's so simple. Well, I couldn't walk straight for like three days without my legs giving out and them I remembered 'oh, that's right, I'm pregnant.'

My second exercise attempt was a quick walk pushing Lincoln in the stroller on the most perfect weather day. Lately Lincoln's wanted to play in the back yard so I'd slacked up on my walking... Yeah I was about halfway through my walk after a downhill and I had to stop and breathe. A downhill?! And then I remembered 'oh I'm like 18 weeks pregnant!' That's why.

So while I'm still doing my best to stay in shape and prepare for the mountains of Colorado, at least I appreciate the reminder.

Dear Little Baby Hess Number Three,

I love you. But I keep forgetting to take pictures of the tummy you're making on mommy. Someday I'll have so many things written about your sister and brother and well, just know that I love you too. If you get worried about my love for you, talk to Aunt Payton about her baby book. I'm pretty sure it was empty until a few years ago, but Grandma loves her very much.

There are a few pictures I took of 'you' even if it hasn't been every week...

By the looks of things, your brother must have been napping. I've got my workout shoes on so I was probably busy being really fit and you were probably wondering what unusual things were happening. You dad and I had just heard your little heart beat the day before and the doctor said it was 169 beats per minute. So far you're healthy, even though mom's exhausted. Your brother decided to get molars during week eight and therefore woke me up every two hours last night. You two are fighting for my attention already. I love you both. I'll try not to ever have a favorite, but I'm not sure how all that works yet.
I love you. We're making room for you. I promise.

Love you always,

Apr 5, 2016

Sibling Rivalry

Life seems to have been a whirlwind lately. I'm pretty sure my baby just turned one and now here he is looking like a little boy. I'm not sure how this happened in what seems like 5 days.

With Baby Number Three time seems to be flying even faster. A close friend asked me the other day "so how far along are you?" I told her about 8 or 8.5 weeks maybe. Then two days later my little pregnancy app reminded me that I was 12 weeks pregnant. Oops.

Technically we got the first hint that we were pregnant at the very end of 2015. We came home from our Christmas travels and a little pee stick said "pregnant." The part that cracks me up is the sibling rivalry that started that day.

Let's just say that people had been asking when Lincoln started walking. Back in December when my kid was 13 months old my answer was still "yeah, he doesn't walk yet." 'All' the other kids were walking, but I wasn't really concerned. Little Lincoln could take his own sweet time because this momma was in no rush for her little baby to grow up and graduate and move away and get married and leave me forever, etc.

But either way, the day Lincoln walked was going to be a big one.

So out I walk into the living room with the pee test. Yes, I walked into the living room with the test in my hand. First kids or second kids, call for a cute t-shirt or "baby" spelled out in tiny pepperonis on a pizza. Third babies apparently warrant:

Husband: Should we buy a test?
Wife: Sure, pull in here. No one goes here so we won't see anyone we know.
Wife (at home): Okay, can you watch the kid while I go to the bathroom.
Kid: (bangs on bathroom door)
Wife: Yay, it says pregnant!

Or at least that's how it went down at the Hess house. Sure we jumped for joy and are so very thrilled, but yep it's just different. And Lincoln seemed to think so too.

As we sat on the living room floor, playing with Lincoln, and talking about new baby things, Lincoln decided to take his very first steps. The kid walked from me to his daddy as if to say, "guys I'm still here and I'm way more impressive than that pee test thing mom seems to be so proud of."

Good luck Baby Number Three, so far I've remembered to take like 5 pictures of my belly (all with your brother in them) and Lincoln is already putting you in your place. I promise we'll love you forever, you just may not have as many 'memories' as everyone else...
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