Jul 8, 2013

Five Weeks

So we found out we were pregnant in what we thought was week five of pregnancy. They have all these different ways of calculating things. We put our info into all the calculators and they said:

Due Date: December 12, 2013
Five Weeks Five Days Pregnant

So like any other Pinteresting pregnant lady we started taking 'bump' pictures. I'm excited to share those. Not because you can see a bump of any sort, but because my husband had a great smile and we love taking pictures together.

It gets confusing when I say, "oh look here we are 6 weeks pregnant" and I'm holding up the number "8." We didn't know. I'll explain as we go...

Monday April 15, 2013 5 Weeks 5 Days
It's Tax Day, I forgot to send a letter in for a project for my aunt's 60th birthday. I've been distracted this week. I've been thinking more about birthing than birthdays.

Called the OB today, told them I needed an appointment because I was pregnant. First thing the lady on the phone said was "Congratulations!" When I go in I need to tell them to keep doing that. It's fun to hear congratulations, especially when it's 'too early' to get to tell anyone else.

April 17, 2013 6 Weeks 0 Days
At dinner last night we talked about how and when to share the big news. There are plenty of opinions and there's no right or wrong. Kyle is so excited that he wanted to tell everyone, but being the sweet loving protective husband that he is, he's being cautious with getting too excited at the risk that something could happen. I for the first time in my life am not worried about a thing. #answeredprayers

Last night, we talked about who we should tell and when. It's a pretty interesting list of people. Do we wait until the first doctor's visit? Do we tell our parents first? If we wait until the second doctor's visit, is it okay to tell our parents on the phone because we'll be living in Colorado all summer? What happens when I waltz back into the school for work in the fall and it's very obvious I've been growing a baby all summer? "Surprise?"

Last night, no one knew. We did realize; however, that if I can't climb a 40 foot pole wearing a harness while pregnant (#campproblems) then we're going to need another college student to help us with activities this summer. Kyle devised a plan to hire another college staffer due to 'need' and take money out of my camp paycheck to pay them for the summer. Essentially this means the first person we tell about the baby is a guy named Doug that Kyle works with who makes those kinds of decisions. It's SO random.

Then there was today. Just when I thought I'd get away without telling anyone, the reminder popped up about my work training two days from now. We'll be spending all day in sweatpants learning the proper holds for restraining kiddos who have gone wild and are a danger to themselves or others (I work two jobs... I know). This sounds like a contact sport, which unlike ab work in the first trimester, is strictly prohibited. I emailed the lady about my "abdomen" trying to be discrete .. She didn't get it. So I emailed her back and told her our baby secret. She says I'll be just fine in the class, but it cost me a tell.

The first two people we told about the baby are Doug the guy who works with Kyle and Kim the random lady at my work, who I've never even seen or spoken to before.

Just trying to be a good mom...

Oh gosh. I said the 'm-word'...

Took our first 'Maternity' pictures tonight. They are incredibly cute. At least I think so. I went all out and made a chalkboard sign and bought both sweet peas and blueberries for picture taking. We aren't quite sure how far along we are yet, or we aren't certain. So I'm taking a myriad of pictures to cover our bases. And as for the 'standing in the same place for every picture' idea... well that won't work for us. Like I told the OB/GYN receptionist on the phone, "we'll be moving to Colorado for three months..." (followed by shock). So I figure we take pictures of the things we're doing that week, the places we are. This week it was the living room... because this week, before I knew I was pregnant I painted the entire living room... oops.

So here's the first official bump picture. There is no bump yet... if you think you see one don't say a word. That's my crazy large ab muscles... or they could be right? Just a note, don't say "oh you're already showing!" I'll tell you when I think I'm showing :)

Kyle isn't showing yet either :) Only showing his big 'ole "I'm gunna be a dad" smile. It's a great smile.

I think this is gunna be a great adventure. I have the best friend in the world who's gunna make a great dad. I think we're gunna have a great time figuring out all this baby stuff...

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  1. I'm so so so excited for you two!!!!
    GREAT pictures!!! JH


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