Dec 11, 2013

Thirty-Six Weeks

Oops! I thought I posted this post on Monday, but apparently not. Not that anyone's watching that closely, but you may have thought, 'wehre'd Brittany go? Did she go and have that baby and not tell me?' Nope, no baby yet...

Thirty-Six Weeks! Thanksgiving and rolling right into the month of December. Which is crazy, right?! It's already December, where did the time go. My stomach is already huge and we really could have this baby any time now. I mean I want her to cook a bit longer, but multiple friends of mine had their babies at 36 and 37 weeks! We spent this week relaxing for the Thanksgiving Break and then heading back to work on Monday. I have plenty to do at work before this baby gets here, so I'm working hard to make sure no one has to pick up the slack for me when I'm out with the baby...

For the full run-down of the Thanksgiving break checkout our recent blog post, but let's just say we were quite productive in the 'prepping for baby' department over the break!

December 2, 2013
36 Weeks, 6 Days

Tonight we packed the hospital bag. Kyle was actually the one to remind me. I had made a list on the computer and then said 'I'll look over it and then we can pack the bag sometime...' That was about a week ago. So last night I got on the computer and checked my favorite mom-to-be websites, perused Pinterest, and hit up the medical websites to make sure we had the complete (but not overkill) hospital bag list.

One of the best tips I read (in a few places) was to pack an 'extra bag' for the car. This bag is for the items that you may or may not need, but the items that you could be kicking yourself about when you're at the hospital and realize you left them at home. This 'extra bag' stays in the car when you arrive at the hospital, but it's nearby and available if you need anything out of it. Our 'extra bag' list includes my robe, one of our own towels, our own pillows, a roll of nice soft toilet paper, the laptop and a few DVDs, and the nursing pillow. All things I've heard we may crave, especially if we end up needing to stay in the hospital for any length of time. But items that we don't need during labor and may never need... Thought it sounded like a great idea!

For the real bag:

(Also on the list are a few 'lady items' that my dad and brother don't want to have to ever read about, lol. If you're curious and really want the full list, just contact me and I'll send those your way...)

So the bag is packed, minus a few items we need to get from the store. We've got the checklist right on top. The items that are already in the bag are checked, that way when we grab the bag last minute we'll remember that our phone chargers/camera/blow dryer/etc. aren't actually in the bag yet but need to be thrown in last minute. Figured this will especially help if Kyle's grabbing the bag or if we have to have a friend or family member grab the bag for us for any reason.

Does it feel surreal that we'll be 37 Weeks tomorrow and that we've already packed our hospital bag? Yes, definitely feels surreal. I've been pregnant for a while now, but it feels like it's flown by some days. Are we really almost 37 Weeks?!

Thirty Six weeks and trying to avoid waddling at all costs... but it's getting harder every day. Baby's the size of a honeydew melon this week (not a turkey!) and we're really are in every way so Thankful this Thanksgiving.

It was cold, yes I am wearing fuzzy striped socks in this picture... at least they kind of matched my shirt right?

Kyle said "Oh you can see your belly in that one!" When we took this next one. Yep, belly is all out there for everyone to see... and again I'm pale, but it's winter people. And I have fair skin, lol...

Thirty Six weeks, one more and we'll be officially at that magical 37 week mark...

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