So Kyle's job 'forces' him to move to Colorado in the summer to the cool, crisp mountain air with the beautiful San Juan mountains and hiking and canoeing to run a family camp. It's such a hard life.

People are always asking us about Colorado, about why we do such a crazy thing or why Kyle never seems to be around in Texas in the summer. I personally love to look at pictures of Colorado when it's 109 degrees in Texas... or even when it's 32 degrees in Texas.

So here's the collection of all things Colorado, and in one convenient place. Updated as we go.


                 Where Was Kyle                      Excuse Me                         Hesses Have Been

                   Back to Texas                      Mississippi Mud                       Must Be Crazy        
                  Colorado-ness                         Time to Pack                            Traveling    

               Colorado Tourney!                   Leaving Colorado                           Snow!

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