Oct 29, 2013

Twenty-Seven Weeks

Note: Who knew one little computer glitch would put me this far behind. Turns out we needed a new motherboard. Then turns out I had WAY too many pictures on our little laptop: my fancy camera pictures were taking up like 90% of the computer's total storage space or something crazy like that. Now we're armed with a new motherboard AND a couple of external hard drives for all the pictures. And we're back in action!

So much to update you guys on! We've been busy around the Hess House! Stick with us as we play catch up on little (but growing) Baby Hess...

It's October. Oh man, it's fall and it's October and we are officially in the THIRD TRIMESTER! It's kind of crazy, but I feel like maybe we should have a party or something. I'm kind of impressed we've made it this far... you know, while still sane and still able to walk without a full-on waddle.

September 25, 2013

Tired hit me like a ton of bricks. Like Ten Weeks Pregnant kind of tired (which for me was literally falling asleep everywhere for 3 hours in the middle of the day)... I'm not sure if I'm over doing it once I get home, or if I'm just not getting to bed early enough, or if it's just that little baby bouncing around in there stealing all my energy.

Or maybe it's iron... gotta start taking iron. As a dietitian I pride myself in how well I eat (most of the time). I'm taking folic acid because it's way too risky not too (you can't always get the right amount of spinach in conveniently each day). I'm taking DHA because I can't eat enough fish for the amount of DHA me and baby really need (thanks to the recommendations that I limit my mercury exposure). And I'm not taking calcium... instead I drink 3+ glasses of milk a day and eat yogurt everyday with lunch. Taking extra calcium would just be overkill at this point. I mean sometimes I drink 6 glasses of milk in one day... this girl loves milk.

But the iron. Us pregnant women really need more iron than it's really quite possible to eat in one day while staying in boundaries for other nutrients... so I've been taking iron 1-2 times a week.

May be time to up that. And I know that. And my prenatal vitamins (with iron) are on the way to me right this moment via the US Mail. But that doesn't help me keep my head up at work...

Or maybe it was mowing half the lawn two days in a row, or staying up just a little too late to finish a sewing project, or building a headboard in the garage and beating the tar out of those nails with the hammer.

Either way, I'm totally that tired pregnant woman who really wants to take a nap in the "Safe Place" setup for 4 year olds right outside her cubicle...

Baby seems to have lots of energy though, glad for that. Glad for her. Although I am tired, I am truly blessed.

September 30, 2013

So Saturday we had friends over to watch the LSU game. We have cable this year so we can actually invite people over to our house to watch the game! Kyle and I decided to go all out and make chili for the game, although Kyle liked to call it chili frito pie, because his wasn't just chili. Love chili, great idea...

But today it wasn't my best idea. I packed a little too much leftover chili in my lunch box and ate every last bit of it. And then I remembered I was a pregnant woman. And that pregnant women are prone to heartburn... and then the heartburn came with a vengeance and kept on coming for the next 4-6 hours. Ooops...

But I really have been trying to get a lot done around the house. I think maybe my plans are getting a little bit ahead of my energy level. I decided to make a list of things I wanted to do this week around the house and it ended up something like this:

 - Finish the headboard, Prime, Paint
 - Prime, Paint, and Install the Chandelier from Mom and Dad's house into our kitchen.
 - Prime and Paint the old lamp for the baby's room, and get a lampshade.
 - Prime and Paint the cool mirror I bought at a garage sale... for the baby's room.
 - Prime, Paint and Hang the coat hooks I bought at Canton way too long ago
 - Paint the Hallway and Hang a few pictures

Then it led to: paint the desk in the living room, go ahead and paint the walls in our bedroom before installing the head board, sew some curtains for the baby room...

And then I realized I was insane. And that I didn't have enough energy to get all those things done. And especially that all those things didn't need to get done before the baby arrives. And then I realized that actually, other than purchasing some very necessary baby items, none of the projects actually needed to be completed before the baby arrives. That made me really, really excited.

So i'm picking just a few projects at a time, maybe one at a time, and then spending a lot of time relaxing and watching TV and all those other mindless things people tell you to do a lot of before you have a baby.

And then here's the 27 Week belly pictures. Belly's getting big enough to hold that rutabaga sized baby this week. And if you are wondering about Kyle's pictures with the fruit, we're slowly catching up, and I'll air those pictures as soon as we can.

So we're officially back after the computer glitch, like I said, get ready to zoom through 6 weeks of preggo pics ;) and of course, Happy Tuesday.

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