Dec 13, 2013

Thirty-Seven Weeks

Thirty-Seven Weeks! I was going give you some statistic about how not all women make it to 37 weeks and I'm so proud of myself. Apparently 80% of women make it to 37 weeks, lol, that's like getting a low B if they graded on a curve, lol... But I'm proud and grateful either way! Hoping to go all the way to 40 weeks, but at least to 39 weeks. We'll see, so far 37 weeks has no indication that birth will be anytime soon.

December 5, 2013
37 Weeks, 2 Days

Been a while since I filled out one of these guys... For a while the answers were pretty much the same, now we've got all new answers people! Thirty-Seven weeks... it's not the same as 12 Weeks :)

How far along? 37 Weeks, 2 Days 
Maternity Clothes? Yes all the time, even some of the maternity clothes are getting too small for the belly. Although my favorite yoga pants (non-maternity) still fit, they're becoming more and more my favorite every day.
Stretch Marks? Yes. They are multiplying. New ones are popping up on my belly and we'll see how bad it gets. I drink water, I eat right, I lather us with lotion constantly... they say it's mostly genetic. Occasionally I'll get one in a totally random place, who knows?
Sleep? Waking up every hour or three when the Braxton-Hicks combine with a full bladder and force me out of bed.
Best Moment This Week: I hate to be materialistic, but I was pretty excited to get my delivery of the 'remaining registry items' in the mail from Target. Oh, but also my kiddos and co-teachers at AWANA threw me a surprise baby party/ shower. We had pink cookies and they got me a gift and we thought of baby name ideas. One of my favorites was a little kindergartener that recommended 'Sally.' These kiddos are cute.
Miss Anything?: Medium Rare Steak. And being able to get off the couch/roll out of bed without assistance...
Movement? When the Braxton-Hicks aren't happening, she's moving. A little less than before, but she's running out of room in there!
Food Cravings? Not really. Still loving cold, juicy things. And yesterday I swore I smelled vanilla cupcakes down the hall and I wanted one of those real bad...
Anything making you queasy or sick? Just last week when I had a falling out of sorts. Mostly random boughts of nausea/dizziness but the doc says its normal.
Boy or Girl? They say she's a girl! And I hope so because people have given us lots of pink!
Labor signs? Not really. Braxton-Hicks, yes. Sore pelvis, yes. Doc says no real signs yet...
Belly Button In or Out? It's as out as an innie can be. There's a little part on top that pokes out, but we're not to full fledged outie yet.
Wedding Rings On or Off? On. I'm lucky it's cold outside and that's helping me avoid swelling.
Showing? Yes. Showing off almost...
Happy or Moody Most of the Time? Pretty sure I'm happy.
Looking forward to: Getting to see this baby. I keep wondering what she'll look like! But not that we need to see her this week or anything. Although I'm to that 'uncomfortable stage' I'm okay with her lungs getting a few more weeks to cook in there.


Big story on the news today is the incoming Ice Storm. We've got warnings for Ice Storms, Freezing Rain, & Power Outages. Nothing's happening yet, it's just getting cold quickly. Rumor has it that Walmart in Tyler is a mad house of people trying to buy supplies. I looked over a few of the lists of things to have on hand and we're pretty much covered. Flashlight with batteries, check. Non-perishable food items, check. We could eat granola bars and dry cereal for days if we needed to. Water, check. I've got two gallons on hand and plan on filling up the pitchers and water bottles in the house when I get home. Maybe we'll even do that thing where you fill up the tub... First aid kit, candles, matches, gas stove and oven... check, check, check and check. And I think we have enough blankets to keep 100 people warm. But we'll see.

If we had an infant maybe I'd be more worried. If I actually start to have (AKA birth) an infant during the storm that's a whole other ballgame. Two gallons of bottled water can't prepare you for that...

Here's to praying baby stayed in as long as the power stays off...

December 6, 2013
37 Weeks, 3 Days

No ice yet today, lots of rain and the temperature is slowly creeping below 32 degrees, but so far it's not the massive storm everyone thought it was going to be. At least around these parts...

Today and last night I've had lots of comments on my huge belly. It is huge. It really is. It's so huge.

But the fun part is, I can feel my sweet little baby moving and kicking and wiggling right now and I love it. People say you miss that part of pregnancy after the baby's born, getting to feel her move all the time. I'm sure there are things I won't miss about pregnancy, but I do love to feel her wiggle. Right now they say she's 'head down' but I'm trying so hard to figure out what all the movements are... is that her leg? foot? hand? moving around...

They say baby's the size of a winter melon (I had to look that one up, I don't even know if they sell those around here). Look and see... she's getting large!

This was my attempt to say "Thirty Seven." Can you see how my hand is making a seven? Okay so it just looks like I'm trying to make my hand into a gun, but I tried...

Got Kyle back in on the action again this week! Isn't he just the cutest?

Thirty Seven Weeks! It's December, baby's coming soon!

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