Aug 19, 2013

Fourteen to Sixteen Weeks

So this weekend I found out that you can watch almost all if not all of the episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the one with Melissa Joan Hart, not the cartoon one) on Hulu for free. So I may or may not have been a little less productive in the blogging department. Embarrassing? Sure. Guilty? Yep.

Anyways, where did we leave off? Oh yes week 14, right about the start of the second trimester (they say the second trimester begins with Week 12 or Week 13). I'd say all the 'easiness' of the 'second trimester' didn't really kick in for me until about Week 17. The nausea went away pretty quick, but I was taking like 3 hour naps in the afternoons because I just couldn't stay awake.

Week Fourteen

Week Fourteen my sister was still in Colorado. I loved it. So she got to be in the 'bump' picture of the week. Sure I didn't know it'd be the 'bump' picture until I realized I forgot to take another one, lol, but I think it's kind of an honor right?

This week was when I was still napping quite a bit, but feeling much better. I looked like I'd eaten too many cookies and not quite yet like I was pregnant. Baby's the size of  lemon they say. The elastic waist jeans were still my friends. It was funny, my skinny jeans still fit standing up, but there was way more belly poking out when I sat down than I was used to before...

Week Fifteen

We got real busy week fifteen. Camp was in full swing and we had the Taylor family as our camp hosts. Which meant a lot of love, and of course the annual Lake City Open.

I decided the Lake City Open (aka best golf tournament I've been in) would be a great place for the 'bump' picture of the week. Baby's the size of a navel orange, crazy right? See, there's a little bump-ness there?

Then I realized it was fourth of July week! And we had the parade and I downed a turkey leg. And it seemed THE perfect place and time! So we took two 'bump' pictures this week! #overachievers

Here the 'bump' looks more like a muffin top. It wasn't the pants though, that was the actual shape of my stomach... and little 'ole baby navel orange.

Week Sixteen

Week Sixteen apparently was pretty uneventful. I didn't journal once. I didn't take pictures of anything but closing day. I was probably just trying to figure out when to sneak a good nap in and how my pants were going to fit for the rest of the summer. All around good times.

They say baby's the size of an avocado and that kind of blew my mind. I'm not sure if they are talking about the small avocados or the ones I buy that seem to be bigger than the small ones... But this week I distinctly remember looking more 'pregnant.'

See me rocking those elastic waist pants... again?

I know those were some super exciting weeks... but really it was more of our 'everyday' camp life. Other than the frequent naps, I was feeling quite normal. Wishing every day our ultrasound date would be closer and closer and wondering if this kiddo was a boy or a girl in there...

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