Aug 5, 2013

Let's Clear Up this Baby Business

After the first doctor's visit we realized our timeline was setback. So this is where we're going to clear that all up. Let's see... we'll play a little mix and match with the bump and fruit pics to bring us up to date.

During Week 3: April 9-April 15 We find out we're pregnant. Take the test, do a dance.

During Week 4: April 16-April 22 Baby's the size of poppy seed. Told random people we were pregnant, lol.

During Week 5: April 23-April 29 Baby's the size of  an apple seed. It's my birthday.

During Week 6: April 30-May 6 Baby's the size of a Pea. First Baby Doctor Appointment.

During Week 7: May 7-May 13 Baby's the size of a blueberry. Third wedding anniversary, Kyle leaves for Colorado.

During Week 8: May 14-May 20 Baby's the size of a raspberry. I head to camp, taking Baby Hess to live at 8,350 feet for the summer...

(It was hard to get a 'bump' picture for the first few weeks of camp without anyone seeing us and knowing our secret. So we just took cute pictures together instead. No problem... because there really wasn't any bump to show yet...)

Funny thing is... as I write this we're actually almost at twenty weeks already! Guess it's time to play catch up and tell you all our good news!

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