Dec 4, 2013

Thirty-Five Weeks

Thirty-Five Weeks was my last week at work before the Thanksgiving Break. We could tell the kiddos were ready, they somehow knew the break was coming. I knew, I was making lists of everything I wanted to accomplish over the break... and I made sure to include being lazy on my list. People say there's no time for lazy once you have kids, so I planned to make the most of it.

We did productive things and we did silly things. You know, like morphing me and Kyle's picture online to see what our baby will look like, lol. Turns out morphing a picture with a man who has a beard is quite difficult, so I may have used a picture of Kyle's sister instead, lol. Let's just say the first one I'm now praying against, it's hard to see in this picture but the baby has a forehead like the side of a barn... the second one's not too bad, lol. Only time will tell...

November 20, 2013
35 Weeks, 3 Days

Today was the busiest of all the days this week. There was plenty to wrap up at work before the break, I had lunch meetings, I was handing out double in our Food Bank backpacks, so I was a busy bee this morning. I didn't think I was overdoing it but about halfway through the backpacks at about 9:30am I felt a little like I did the time I decided to run through the rain after giving blood and not eating anything (I don't ever recommend that, ever!). I held onto my little push cart and made my way to the lounge to grab a can opener and to sit down and have some water. Then slowly I made my way to my office where I popped open a can of peaches and quickly drank the juice and ate a few peaches. Feeling just a bit better someone came by my office to take care of a few work things so I pulled by feet off the desk, lol. She moved to the next cubicle and then it hit. Oh man!

I felt so nauseous, I barely had the strength to grab the trash can from the other side of my cubicle. I knew I didn't have enough energy to pick up the phone and push the 4-digit extension to call the school nurse, so I tried my best to call over the walls of the cubicle to have my co-worker call the nurse. I knew my blood sugar was okay or being taken care of with the juice, but I didn't know about my blood pressure. My blood pressure is never high, but I knew that could be a bad thing if it was. The nurse came and by the time she got there I felt much better. Blood pressure was normal, and when I spoke to the doctor later she said that (for me at least) that's just a normal part of pregnancy sometimes. Our body's way of telling us to slow down. So I slowed down, I put my feet up, and I ate my peaches and drank my water.

Still blessed. Still a healthy baby in there. If this is my only 'complication' then I really am blessed.


Okay so tonight I ventured out to buy our Thanksgiving dinner. I went to the Super One because they were running a deal on turkeys for 50 cents a pound if you bought $20 worth of groceries (along with other sales). I was so excited buying our dinner for two until I went outside and it was pouring! I knew a storm was on its way, but it was already here and I had a cart full of groceries! The sweet lady ringing the bell offered me her blanket to use as a cover, then I saw my huge aluminum turkey pan! So I held that pan over my head like an umbrella and walked soaked to the car. I know I looked silly! Everyone was running, everyone had jackets or real umbrellas and there I was 35 weeks pregnant traipsing through the parking lot in a storm with a turkey roaster on my head. I'm sure it was a sight. 

I followed the sweet lady's instructions and changed out of my wet clothes as soon as I got home (well, right after I took a picture), kitchen now full and ready for our Thanksgiving dinner. I did feel so accomplished! 

Once the weekend hit that meant it was Thanksgiving week off! Saturday we watched football and Sunday afternoon we got started on baby things by heading to the stores to make returns. Turns out that both Target and Toys R Us had times when their registry systems were down when our friends were buying things so we got a few doubles of some gifts we only needed one of. We made our returns and then stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond. I had an in-store credit that was printed on a receipt that I got 3 years ago when I got married. The ink was almost rubbed off. And I had a 20% off coupon. So I took my in-store credit to the store, made an online order in the store (did you know you could do that) which meant I got free shipping to my house, and we saved the 20% off because of my coupon! Got that Baby Brezza baby food maker for $20 off with free shipping all on my in-store credit. I was pretty pumped.

I'm thinking of making a list to share with the items we registered for (or bought) just for anyone who's out there looking for info. I researched way too much about baby items and I'd be willing to share that info. And some items on our registry may not make sense (like the Baby Brezza, yes we already have a steamer and food processor in the kitchen) but when you consider we'll live in a hotel-style cabin when our kiddo turns 6 months, we'll need a little help with the lack of kitchen appliances...

Ended week 35 with a whole lot of projects for the baby room, which you can read about here. And it was almost time for Thanksgiving.  Here's that baby bump, baby's the size of a coconut this week.. but somehow feels a lot larger, lol. P.S. - I don't know why I look so pale in these pictures, where's that 'pregnancy glow'?

35 Weeks. This feels all too real...

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  1. I will never forget you running in the rain after giving blood!


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