Jul 22, 2013

Eight Weeks

May 1, 2013
8 Week, 0 Days

8 Weeks! We have a fetus people! At least that's what the app on my phone tells me. I haven't seen it yet or anything and those pregnancy tests were just so long ago. Every once in a while I wonder if I should take another test, and then my name tag lanyard at work hits my neck in the perfect way to make me feel incredibly nauseous and I remember that there's definitely a baby (excuse me, fetus) in my belly.

Between the apple sauce and the ginger ale, and then fact that I want to eat mac & cheese or hamburger helper immediately upon returning to the Hess House...I think we're still pregnant.

First prenatal visit is on Monday, you know, five long days away... just want to see that little guy (or girl) in there so badly...

Since it's officially Week 8 (well as far as we know), I'm ready for the weekly journaling questions to begin. I found these somewhere and I figured I could spend too many hours figuring out better questions or go with these...

How far along? 8 Weeks, 0 Days 
Maternity Clothes? Not yet.
Stretch Marks? Just the ones I already had, let's be honest.
Sleep? Not the best, but I usually only wake up once to pee and feel the cramps... could be worse I'm sure.
Best Moment This Week: When my sister made the worst Julia Roberts cry face I've ever seen when we told her we were pregnant. I'll never forget it. She cried and screamed and was absolutely hysterical. Or my brother who was scared of the baby bottles we hid as a surprise in the fridge... we got that one on video...
Miss Anything?: Lack of nausea, energy. Never really consumed a lot of cold lunch meat, caffeine, or alcohol...
Movement? I hear the baby's bending joints this week and the uterus is moving doing what they call "stretching.' Me? I'm trying to limit the movement... to limit the nausea.
Food Cravings? Anything that will make me not nauseous. And maybe I'm craving salty/processed/cheesy/stovetop meals... who knows.
Anything making you queasy or sick? This one would be better if I said what didn't make me queasy... and I can't think of anything really. Except distraction, being around great people/friend/family.
Boy or Girl? I really have no idea. I told my parents that right now I think of it more as a 'condition' than a 'baby.'
Labor signs? Not yet, thank goodness.
Belly Button In or Out? In.
Wedding Rings On or Off? On
Showing? If you mean bloated, yes. If you mean actual pregnant belly popping out, not at all. I keep waiting for Kyle to say "I can see your baby tummy" and for me to go cry because that's just what my tummy looked like before I was pregnant.
Happy or Moody Most of the Time? Last week was Happy! Overall Happy! But usually the happy accompanies with a pitiful fatigue and nausea that makes Kyle hug me more.
Looking forward to: First Prenatal Appointment on MONDAY. Couldn't get here soon enough. Did I mention I have lifeguard recertification on Saturday... hope I don't puke in the pool.

May 2, 2013
We took what they call 'belly pictures' last night. You know we're at what we think is 8 weeks, so we took pictures for both week 7 and week 8. The kids not even here yet and we're already behind. I blame it on the fact that last Wednesday I went swimming and then took a 2 hour nap after work... Hopefully I can keep up (gotta prove to Kyle I can keep up with cloth diapers, right?)

After the double photo shoot we made diner, AKA can of beef and vegetable soup and what Kyle lovingly calls 'unsaltines.' Buying saltine crackers with 'unsalted tops' is a way I can help us reduce our sodium intake... especially if I'm eating canned soup. But Kyle thinks it's hilarious that we eat unSALTed SALTines... Either way, Kyle and I split a can of beef soup and then I was needing more soup. I just wanted something to dip my crackers in, and anything fruity/sweet/creamy was out of the question. So I made some more soup! Pregnant hungry woman, get out of the way.

Today a friend told also me to make sure my stomach never gets empty, and while I've been so nauseous that I can't eat too much (other than hot salty soup), I can eat 'unsalines.' For 1.5 hours now I've been eating 1 cracker every 30 minutes and it's working... at least I think it is. Or maybe it's the leftover canned salty soup I had for lunch...

They say our kiddo is the size of a raspberry. I love raspberries but was too cheap to buy the fresh ones at the store when that grossed out my nauseous stomach. I bought the frozen ones because I figure maybe in a few weeks I'll be able to stomach them...

We took the bump pictures for "Week 8" a little early. That's why they got posted on the Week Seven post... then we had our first appointment and we were all mixed up... you just wait...

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