Sep 9, 2013

Working Weekend

While Kyle headed up to Nebraska to watch the Huskers play this weekend, I decided to make good use of the empty house for a weekend of painting. And with these pregnancy nesting instincts I'm making a little headway on the Hess House Projects.

I woke up Saturday morning at approximately 7:00am unable to go back asleep. (Apparently waking up on time for work on a consistent basis makes me real productive.) So I thought I'd go ahead and get started with the painting. Oh our good ole friend Valspar Ultra (Low Odor, No-VOC) and sufficient ventilation and breaks made it all safe for this preggo lady.

I was looking for the right color, a light blue, with a hint of green. So like a subtle turquoise. I saw these pictures on Pinterest and that's what I was going for. I love the blue against the stark white trim and the multiple options for color accents.

So I went to the paint store and picked up a ton of paint chips and mulled them over for a few days. I got a little excited about the Labor Day sale and jumped for a color that wasn't the lightest on the sample. I picked Valspar's Sea Kiss... and then spent the next few days second guessing it. Couldn't wait to get it on the walls.

Armed with my roller and my short-handled angle brush it was quite reminiscent of painting the living room this spring. Except that I didn't have to paint around any gallery walls or large office boards on hinges... so it went much faster.

When the color went up on the walls I thought it was just about perfect. Then it started to dry darker (like all paint really) and it started to look more like a teenage dream than a classy room. I started worrying just a bit, but they say two coats really does make a difference in the color so I kept painting.

Looking back now I probably would have gone a shade lighter if I could do it all over again, but I'm not repainting it just yet (my legs are still sore). I'm going to wait until we have all the white furniture in the room and then see how it looks. Because honestly, the longer I stare at it, the more I like it certain light, lol.

This was the most accurate picture I could get of the color, room still piled with all the old furniture in the middle. I set my white balance to get the best shot.  If you don't know, if you're camera is on Auto White Balance the color in the picture could be far, far from what it looks like in real life. Which is why it's hard to see a paint color in a magazine or on Pinterest and immediately go out and buy the same color and have it look the same. That and the natural lighting of the room... etc.

But the room is painted, and the crib arrived yesterday and I am thrilled to put it together and see what this room is going to look like! We've been blessed with lots of hand-me-downs and generous donations to the nursery and I can't wait to show all those things off.

Until then, we did get some things marked off the list:

Hess House Pre-Baby Project List:

Plant a Garden: Planted and watering daily. So far we have six tomato plants and six bell pepper plants. And they haven't died yet.

Build a Headboard for Our Bed: We cut the wood when Kyle got home, and while I planned on putting it together this weekend. I used up a little more energy then planned for while painting. Apparently you tire out faster when 25 weeks pregnant...

Paint the Guest Room

Paint the Hallway for the Wall O' Pictures: Again it was in the plans for the weekend, but I didn't want to wear myself out...

Wall O' Frames

Paint the Desk/ Paint the Furniture that's going to stay in the Baby Room

I think we're doing pretty good so far. Only 15 weeks (or less) until the baby is here... things are getting pretty exciting around the Hess House! Ahhh!

Happy Monday! Go ahead, paint that room you've been waiting almost two years to paint...

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