Jun 28, 2011

Papertowels and Surprises

So tonight I decided to eat one of the delicious super juicy peaches from my kitchen. Of course with all it's juiciness I knew I needed multiple paper towels to prevent a mess.

See today I've been cleaning the house in preparation for some ladies coming over tomorrow night, my family coming in this weekend, and of course because I just like to have a tidy house. And the kitchen is all disinfected and everything.

So as I went to grab a paper towel I was saddened to find a long hair on the top of the paper towel roll. Do I need to clean again, how'd I miss that.

Then the two ends of the long brown hair wiggled!

And I knew my friend was back. See a few nights ago I came home, flipped on the lights and watched a cockroach scamper under my refrigerator. Yep, COCKROACH! In MY kitchen! I posted on facebook hoping someone would have a simple way to kill every cockroach everywhere using only household cleaning products and food ingredients. No avail. People just said "squish it."

But back to tonight and the paper towel roll that was waving at me. It was the ROACH, I knew it. And how would I get him. I knew he would scamper. I knew I'd scream and then he'd crawl on me, and I'd scream and then there would be a million of them and then I'd pass out.

Luckily I was strong. I armed myself with a spatula and a broom and I attacked the paper towel roll. I chased him through the kitchen window miniblinds and I did not let up. I chased him across the sink and back across the counter top and back across the sink! I watched his little legs squirm and I squished him until well the end result was too gross for a picture.

But I did it. I felt very proud of myself. I re-disinfected the counter tops and now I just need to stop flinching every time something tickles my leg. And also I'm praying for no cockroach nightmares.

Use that info someday. And go ahead, kill your own cockroaches :) And sweet dreams.

Jun 27, 2011

Back to that Texas state.

So I'm headed back to Texas. Back to heat and dietitian-ness and East Texasites and girl roommateness and tomato plants.

But for now I'll show you this really cute picture of my husband and I when we went rafting last week. You can stare at it every day if you miss him too.


Get ready for more craftiness, some grad class hunting, and more on the sewing machine scavenging for sure. Did I mention my family was coming to Texas for the Fourth!?

Jun 23, 2011

Mississippi Mud in Colorado

So we've been working really hard in CO this week. Like trying really hard to get lipstick stains out of 2 towels and researching stain removal techniques on realsimple.com, you know, dish scrubbing, towel folding, gear hauling, ropes coursing hard work.

But for some reason I only take out my camera when we're taking much needed breaks.

The MEN on camp work real hard, and finally had their first "Mississippi Mud Man Break" of the summer. Blue Bunny Mississippi Mud ice cream bar from the Ute Trail store... and sitting in rocking chairs being men.

Then they washed it down with a Snow Cone :) I made them take a picture for me.

We love our Men on camp. They lift really heavy things and eat lots of snow cones (and of course running camp).

Thank the guys in your life who do your heavy lifting. And maybe introduce them to Mississippi Mud :)

Jun 19, 2011

Father's Day!

So families are driving as I type, and it's super busy today, but I had to take a second to tell you:

I have the best dad ever. Check him out. Just saying :)

Love your dad today. And if you don't have a dad today: Love God, because he really is the best dad ever.

Jun 18, 2011

Must Be Crazy to Do This.

So I've said we're enjoying Ute Trial. And we are! Families left today and new families arive tomorrow!

But this week Kyle, the Millers and the Calverts convinced me to do this: (in the video). Note: the top of the pole is oh, only 60 feet high!

See now you wanna come to family camp. Don't you?

Do something today that scares you just a little (but don't go breaking any rules or anything).

Jun 17, 2011


I may not be able to describe how excited I was to see my husband. He's really attractive and funny, and I like him a lot.

I love being here at camp. Oh how I love camp life. It's busy. Our first meeting starts at 7:45am and we are literally ON until like 11ish that night. And then we live on camp here. And I still do our laundry, clean our room... you know, in our 'spare time.' Real Busy.

But it's funny, because one of the mom yesterday said "Ya'll are just working so hard so that we can enjoy family camp." And my only response is that WE really are enjoying working so hard!

So for your enjoyment (in case you're stuck in the office all day and it's sun shining outside) here's some of the "work" we're doing up at Ute.

And if you are, in fact, in the office all day... use this as motivation to make the most fun out of the work you do. What kind of fun do you have planned today?

Jun 9, 2011

Time to Pack


I know there are things I was supposed to do today, like do all the laundry so it's all clean, clean all the junk off our bedroom floor, balance the checkbook.

And I'm sure I could have planned a better meal for dinner. I used my coupons to get a Spicy Chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a today for lunch, and then when I got home I popped some chicken strips in the oven and had a buffalo spicy chicken wrap for dinner. Ooops.

But the only thing I can think of to do today is to PACK! Yep, that's write folks, I'm headed back to Colorado to see my most handsome husband!

Things I'll Miss About "Alone in Texas Time"
 - The new roomie.
 - Unlimited internet and cell phone access
 - Moisture in the air
 - Being able to walk into the kitchen and make whatever I want
 - Workouts on the Wii
 - Our super comfy bed
 - Our East Texas friends
 - And of course, my patients.

Would I trade all these things for the wonderfulness of being in Colorado at Ute and being super busy, summer campy fun, with dry skin, no kitchen, and lots of my cute husband?


This weekend actually.

"Summer at Home" to do list on Hold. But don't worry, I'll keep you updated on the cool breeze, fresh air, and lots and lots of mountains.

Jun 8, 2011

That Morphy Thing

So while I hate that my husband and I are 763 miles apart... we have been having a good time down here in Texas...

Last night me and the roommate Lindsey found a little website called MorphThing.com

You know, those sites where you can morph your face with someone else (a celebrity even) and laugh at how silly you look. Or you can click "Baby Morph" and it makes a quite hilarious picture of what your future baby could look like.

So I figured I'd share.

First it asked us if we wanted to Morph with the President. Sure.

That'd be half me on the left and Lindsey's on the right...Hahhahahahha

Or me and Justin Beiber? (So moody.)

Then I figured I'd morph me and Kyle (so no one got jealous, lol). So I took these two pics (they had to meet certain specifications):

And this is what we got, lol...

I had no idea that Kyle and I looked so much alike! But then what about babies?

Oooops. Hopefully when the time comes to have kids we'll have better luck, lol. That kid looks scared.

If you have extra time this summer. I highly recommend it.

More to come on my adventures with Chip the Sewing Machine Salesman :)  See I'm working on that list.... so far: attempted #4, working on #8, failing at #11 due to the horrible taste of the water at work, and about to complete a portion of #14 this weekend!

Go ahead. Have fun today, and if you can, spend a few minutes being totally non-productive :)

Jun 4, 2011

Summer List of Wonders

So. I'm home and have some free time this summer I figured I had time to get some things done.  I'm not in classes at the moment and it's more free time than I've had since Spring Break 2005. Maybe.  So I conjured up a list of things I'd like to accomplish over the summer. A Summer List of wonder, if you will...
1. Buy a Sewing Machine: I have the money for one and I want to take a lot of time and pick the perfect one.

2. Make Christmas Ornaments: I want to sew some when I get the sewing machine. There's just no extra time in the actual Christmas Season. (Like these?)

3. School Things: Like finish my thesis mini-proposal, begin to collect my data, and make sure to enroll for at least 1 class this fall.
4. Rake and Mow the Yard: Maybe by the end of the summer I's do that one. (Raking is still left over from the fall...)
5. Make the coat rack that we bought hooks for months ago.
6. Repaint the Kitchen Table and the Desk: Will I ever have the time, space, or guts.
7. Clean out our Bedroom.
8. Exercise a lot. Like 3-5 times a week. I have to to make up for all the yummy food I eat too much of while I'm in Colorado.
9. Make cake or cupcakes. Cute ones for showers or work or something. Maybe like these...
10. Help out at camp in Texas somehow. We'll see.
11. Drink more water.
12. Babysit for free for the people who have kids in the East Texas area. Really, take me up on this one :)
13. Practice more guitar. Still planning on playing a Christmas Carol or two one day for the fam.
14. Try to see my family, my Aunt and Uncle in Dallas, and maybe even a friend in Lake Jackson?? I'm bad at this one.
15. Meet my new neice. Yep, that's right, my sister in law Bekah and her husband had their third kid, FIRST GIRL, and so I now have a neice for the first time. Told Bekah "I think I love her already." But I should probably try to meet her too.
I think it's possible. There are more things. Like write letters to friends, find the best haircut for me, do the landry, talk on the phone and be all mushy lovey dovey with my husband... but we'll start with these 15 :)
What about you. What are your plans for the summer??

Jun 2, 2011


So I made the treck from our sweet little cabin in Colorado to our cute little home in Texas.  In Colorado the mountains are huge, it was 43 degrees, and it snowed yesterday.  In Texas it's 99 degrees and climbing, I wake up hours earlier, but my skin is no longer dry to the max.

But I love to fly.  Not so much the sitting way to close to the very large person who hung their arm over in my section of the seat for the whole ride... but the looking out the window at clouds, reading, eating, and running through the airport.

Window seat. Check! (Isn't that just dreamy!)

And this was my view as the plane was landing down in Texas.

And then I went the wrong way in the airport, but it was the RIGHT way because it led me to the Popeyes!!

I'm not sure if you love Popeye's a whole lot, and I cannot eat it very often. But, Lake City has no chain restaurants and even our town in Texas doesn't have a Popeyes. So I endulged. (Yep that's red beans and rice under there!)

More to come about being at home without by hubby, and getting crafty with some extra free time.

(And just to be clear, Kyle and I are still married and very in love. We're living apart for a few weeks just because his job is in Colorado for the summer and I have to head back to Texas every once and a while so I can keep up with my job here ;)

Enjoy the summer, enjoy that it's not yet crazy, crazy hot :)
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