Oct 26, 2010

Socks and Husbands

It's funny... I was okay with the fact that my husband would be out of town until Thursday... plenty of time to clean up the house. But OH! he's coming home early today!!! We realized before he left that our room smelled like dirty socks, and well, it was because there were a LOT of dirty socks in the dirty clothes hamper. Kyle must have 10 feet because he wears more socks in one week than the total number of socks I own. Maybe that says something about how often I change my socks...

...anyway, so today I was busy doing dishes, loads of laundry, fanning the fresh autumn air into the house, even vacuuming the couch! Today I present to you, my favorite and most often used cleaning products!

Our new vacuum, because it has this great little vacuum attachment!

So I'm sure these wipes are the off brand, but that makes them even better. I bought them when we moved in and I STILL have not run out! Who needs paper towels and cleaner when you can disinfect instantly with a wipe?

And then of course Tide, the plant my dad works for makes parts of Tide... so of course we are loyal supporters, no off brands there. And then I always need a little bleach, or Shout.

But my best cleaner, you may have guessed it... is that Kyle. I'll tell you what, I'm not sure what our house would look like without him. Days that I get home tired and cook dinner, he hops right up to the dishes... or cleans the siding, sets up the fall decor, vacuums, and makes dinner!  Sorry ladies, that one's taken :) and he's on his way home right now!

Go ahead... clean something today!

Oct 25, 2010

Discovery Number 1

So I study nutrition. Actually as soon as I take my RD exam, I'll be a registered dietitian.  But for now the studying is part of me finishing my Masters in Nutrition. This means lots of research abstracts, discussion board posts, term papers, etc. And while a life without homework seems like a dream oh the things I'll be able to do!!! ...I secretly LOVE being a student :)

I'm a nerd, just checkout what my night was filled with ...

Did you know that meal replacement therapy within a comprehensive weight loss program was one of the most effective forms of weight loss and weight maintenance resulting in decreased negative bio-markers and disease risk?

Inside we're all nerds about something. What makes you nerdy today?

Oct 24, 2010

Change of pace

So today I realized that I'm not very good at blogging. So we're starting over.

Today I was inspired by another blogging friend of mine who is absolutely wonderful. 3 kids in under 3 years, pastor husband, and incredible, fearless creativity... did I mention she loves Jesus. Her name is Mel and she's discovering who she is, who God wants her to be and doing it all with those 3 kids and a busy life.  A few months ago a sweet friend read aloud "Twenty-five" from Shauna Niequist's Bittersweet that says when you're still in your twenties discover who you are...don't settle down yet. Well I figured, I got married, I settled down I guess, and now how will I discover myself?

But Mel's inspired me, she's got 3 kids (did I mention that yet?) and still discovering...

So today, starting over:
My name's Brittany, my husband's name is Kyle. We've been married 5 months. He shows me more of who I am every day... I'm Brittany, and I'm discovering who God made me :)

Oct 9, 2010

In case you wondered about the picture...

I know, two posts in one day seems out of sorts... but it's fall right? :)

I wanted to mention the headers. You know, that picture up at the top of the blog with the little house? Yep that one.  I wanted them to change as our life changes. I want them to represent a little of what's going on with the Hesses, a 'hint' you could say.  You may notice that now, the picture has our house, our little starter house, that needs some cleaning up but that's perfect for us.  Now it has our tree turning a little bit fall, and the leaves starting to collect on the roof.  It has the trick or treaters that I hope come by the house, it'll be our first ones together!  And you may have noticed that the moving box and the thank you note ares till somewhat on the picture, symbolic of the 20 or so thank you notes I have yet to send out, and the couple of boxes of stuff we don't know yet what to do with.  If you enjoy it, watch it change, I'm excited about what it will look like for Christmas, I'm already making plans :)

And if you wanted to see our first one, here it is.  Moving, wedding, traveling, and all....


It's fall. And in East Texas, today is the perfect day of Fall.  Sorry the picture above is not our front yard or anything close to it (still having a hard time getting the camera hooked up without crashing the computer). But today it will have to do, because this is the picture in my head today.

Honestly, if anyone had ever asked me what my favorite season was, I would never have said fall.  I mean I love summer, when we're out of school, when the sun is out, the pool is ready, and there is nothing stopping me from doing anything! But I love spring, I mean my birthday, all the love-birds, the real birds, Spring Break, and not to mention my favorite flowers...

But if you had asked me today: Fall. I would say fall.  Although it seems summer is ending, that summer seems to be dying into winter, I don't see that this year. I'm a science nerd, if you don't know, and actually the leaves changing is the chlorophyll dying out... but maybe, just maybe the chlorophyll is like the beating sun of summer.  Summer at times is so full of trips and schedules and events, and honestly heat! that we don't quite get to enjoy the laziness of it.  Almost like it takes fall coming in to knockout the chlorophyll so that we can really enjoy the beautiful colors that were hiding behind the green this entire time.

It's like time stops for fall, so that the true life in is can begin.  Think about it, the beginnings have always been fall.  We started Kindergarten in the fall; we started growing up and going away to college in the fall, we became Tiger Fans in the fall, and this year Kyle and I started our 'real' lives together in the fall.  It's like we take things a little more seriously, get buckled down, but still have time to run in the leaves before winter hits.  Like we remember that we wanted to plant a garden this spring and find the time to do it anyway. Like we remember that we should have enjoyed the sun before it leaves us, and so we eat breakfast outside.  Like a bittersweet slipping away of the summer causes us to live like there's no tomorrow and enjoy the season before the winter.

We want to do things, we want to live better, we want to make everything count, we want the wind in our hair, and to call our best friend, and to hug our moms, and make our houses into homes.  I love... the fall.

If you don't live in East Texas, I wish you did this week. It's one of those weeks where you roll your windows down knowing that it will mess up your hair, open the doors to your house to let the breeze in even though you know somehow a few bugs will make it past the screen, and you stop and you look at how God loves us, and you remember yep, there's a few things that you've been meaning to do, for Him.

Dear Autumn, Welcome back.
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