Nov 1, 2013

Twenty-Nine Weeks

Note: Still catching up from the computer snaphoo... we're actually at 32 weeks this week, and it's actually November now! But we should be caught up on posting by next week!

Twenty-Nine Weeks and it's been raining like crazy this week. The weather's cooling down and it's surely fall. It's funny because this is how Christmas feels like Lake Charles where I grew up. Just cold enough to justify a thin sweater, but not so much to go all out on a real Christmas sweater.

It feels like Christmas. And that's when our baby comes. I can feel that the air will be filled with Christmas joy and magic already. Like the butcher said, a Wonderful time of year to have a baby." I keep thinking about how the hospital will have Christmas decorations and how we can play Christmas music at the hospital without looking like looney tunes playing Christmas music in February. I see pictures of little newborn babies in long slinky striped Santa hats and it makes me excited.

It's going to be a wonderful Christmas.

But for now it's only October. We're bringing out the pumpkin candles and I've found my stash of hot cocoa. We're getting the baby's room all ready and going to childbirth class.

October 12, 2013
29 Weeks, 4 Days
Today we went to Childbirth Class! It was exciting, well, for me. Kyle came with me because he's such a good dad, but I'm sure he wanted to laugh at times when we were 'practicing breathing' and I know poor thing probably wasn't a fan of watching videos of other ladies give birth. They aren't exactly modest, lol.
We got to class early Saturday morning. When we walked in we were the only couple there. I got a little nervous, but the teacher was there too and said even if no one else showed up that we'd still have the class. A few minutes later three other couples showed up and we took a tour of the hospital, walked down to the OR (which I hope we don't actually have to go to for delivery), and sat in our lecture classroom for about 5-6 hours. We covered labor, newborns, and all the fun terms that go along with birth. I LOVED it, because I love class and I love anatomy and I love information! 

I'd recommend the class. For Kyle it was way longer than it needed to be, but for me I'd say it was way shorter. But we've got a few books we're going through at the house to prepare and I think that'll be good information for me to have. Did I mention that I love information?

Twenty Nine Weeks feels so close to thirty weeks! And thirty-something weeks is when people start saying "my baby was born at thirty-something weeks." Ahh! At least we've got the Childbirth Class under our belts. Now they say we need to find a pediatrician, gotta get to work. Here's me and our acorn squash baby (gosh I love acorn squash!). Feeling like I'm growing... every once in a while I look down at my belly and realize that yep, it's huge!

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