Apr 2, 2014

We Talk About Her All the Time

March 22, 2014

Last night I spent some time with a few of the ladies I am so very blessed to call friends. We sat on the couch and ate yummy things and talked about life and family and God and friends. We watched funny videos and we talked about what makes us laugh out loud.

The kiddos in the house went to bed one by one. Except for the tiny little newborn in one of my best friend's arms. I soon held him and stared at him ooo-ing and ahh-ing over how absolutely adorable he is. He is the definition of adorable, and poor thing has the cutest sad face I've ever seen: lip turned under, little chin quiver. It'll break your heart or make you laugh, depending on your previous mood I'm sure.

The little guy stared to cry and I handed him back to his mom. She calmed him down and he looked over at me with his beautiful eyes.

And then she said to that little man,

"That's Brittany, that's Hannah's mom. You know Hannah. We talk about her all the time."

My heart swelled and I think pretty quickly I changed the subject because I didn't want to have a full fledged breakdown in front of an entire room of ladies.

But I don't think she could have said anything more perfect.

Nothing could have blessed my heart more. "Hannah's mom" ... "Hannah. We talk about her all the time."

The Lord is good with the little ways he blesses us.

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