May 17, 2013


Yep, it's time.

Roommate is in place, bags are packed, husband is waiting for me in our cutest ever cabin, the counselors are on their way, and that jetplane is not leaving without me!

I'm blessed more than ever to spend most of my summer in Colorado this year working alongside by hubby. Since the recent job change, working with the school district has this thing called SUMMER BREAK! Can you tell I'm excited out it??

What that means is this summer there's way less back and forth, much less watching sappy romantic movies because I miss my husband 100 states away, and tons less riding of airplanes (that I'll kind of miss). And there will be way more Colorado time, husband time, camp time! I'm thrilled.

But being in Colorado posed a bit of difficulty for a little amateur little blogger like me. Our internet at camp comes through a satellite, it's quite limited, and uploading cute pictures of the blog isn't exactly 'camp business.'

So this summer you may see a little dip in posts. I'm trying to write a little ahead of time and we still have some super big projects we'll be working on even in Colorado. So don't go too far. I'm going to try to still get three posts a week up (Monday, Wednesday & Friday), but just in case it looks more like one post on Monday some weeks, you'll know why. And you'll forgive me right?

We'll see.

Right now I'm preparing to breathe at 9000 feet and wake up everyday to work in an office that looks like this...

Tough life, right? We are truly, truly blessed.

Love you guys, hope you all have super plans for the summer too. If not, at least it's the weekend, and anyone can make fabulous weekend plans! Happy Friday!

May 13, 2013

Bragging on the First Baseman

I'd like to take a moment this Monday and brag on my husband. Not just because he's super attractive and really sweet and the best husband I've ever had...

But because he's a pretty talented softball player.

A Champion, if you will.

See Kyle and 'the boys' or the other men in town play in the church softball league. Us wives and friends go out each Monday night to hoot and holler for our men. Kyle doesn't love when people yell while he's trying to bat... so I have to come up with other options.

He plays first base. Which is pretty impressive in and of itself. He can catch almost anything. So while he's all standing on first base looking manly and athletic I like to cheer:

"I went to first base with first base!"

It's my favorite. And I'm pretty sure first base means kissing. If it means something scandalous, I have no idea. I figured we're married... I'm allowed to kiss him. The preacher even said so.

So congratulations to the Bus Drivers (Yep, that's the team name, you know "Because we're taking you to school") for winning the championship. It's Monday, but the season's over... still you're women (and friends) think you're pretty awesome.

Happy Monday. See my cute husband in his striped baseball socks... isn't he just great?

May 10, 2013

Hess Yard

I told you guys that we've been busy. And our yard's been busy too. It's spring for sure at the Hess House. Let me show you.

First the bees are busy. The boy holly tree is putting out pollen like it's going out of style. And the bees are loving it. Like Kyle and I got out of the car one day and heard a hummmm. There were so many bees in the tree that you could hear the buzz from feet away. I figure all those bees are good for the fruit trees and plants...

 I mean check out the blueberries. There are so many little ones on the big bush.

And there are so many big ones on the little bush. I need to hurry and get a bird net so that the birds don't take all our blueberries like they did last year.

Isn't my husband cute when he waters the blueberries...

And the apple tree is looking great. Lots of new growth. And while it doesn't look much taller than it did last year, you have to remember that it kind of had a rough summer last year.

But with the bees buzzing, I'm thinking we may have apples this fall?!

Then we took a look at these bushes in the front yard. I trimmed them up a few weeks ago... It was looking pretty pathetic before.

After trimming they still needed a little more work. We pulled out the dead bush in the middle and replaced it with a transplanted bush from the corner. I'm not sure if it will live, but we're watering it often and we're still hopeful...

I filled in the hole where another dead bush was... and then I moved all the liriope to the edges of the bed.

Moved the liriope in the corner and spread some mulch we had left over in the garage from last year. Doesn't it look soooo much better??

So it's not as miracle or anything, but I think it looks better than when we started.

Just a little yard work and the house feels a lot better. I mean even the moms are blooming from last fall. Gotta love a flower that comes back year after year...

Happy Spring. Enjoy it, because it's almost summer... And of course, Happy Friday.

May 8, 2013

Busy Hess House

I was going to try to pretend like I had some fancy blog posts ready for this week. But I don't.

Today the day all our stuff gets sent to Colorado for the ENTIRE summer and so it's been pretty busy around here. You know, with my birthday... 

Kyle's birthday on Saturday (and my lifeguard recertification: I passed!)... 

Crawfish boil on Sunday...

Championship Church Softball Game on Monday...

Ladies Book Club Dinner on Tuesday...

It's been busy. Did I mention today's also our anniversary??

It's been crazy business around here. I'll be working hard to get things ready and figure out what the good ole blog schedule is going to look like this summer... you know, with the whole "I'll be living in a small mountain town of Colorado with limited communications" thing happening.

But I have a plan.

Today that plan is to make sure all my stuff is packed.

And it's not...

But also Happy Anniversary to me and to Kyle too of course. Because he's the best husband I've ever had, and he's really cute in baseball hats, and right after he gets a haircut, and when he fixes things at the house, and when he does dishes, and when he smiles, and all the time really. 

May 3, 2013


Spending extra time studying for my lifeguard re-certification this week. Big day is tomorrow...

Therefore, instead of blogging, I'm studying this.

I know, I know, you can't wait to see what our blueberry bushes are doing right now... but I'll show you on Monday.

Happy Friday. Spend some time relaxing this weekend.
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