Aug 26, 2010

Hint of Hess: Moving In

If you know us, you may know that we've been married almost four months, we both love lemonade, and that our summer was spent in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.  If you don't know us, well now you do.

As newlyweds Kyle and I didn't quite get the start that most married couples get. It's funny when I look back on our first four months and consider our adventures. For example: Kyle and I got married on May 8th, went on a short honeymoon, oh but I also had to work at my picture me leaving our honeymoon hotel in my scrubs headed to the hospital everyday, I know.  Then I got retrained for my lifeguard certification so that Kyle and I could head off to Colorado the next day to run summer camp! Whew! Did I mention that was less than 10 days after we were married?

But the summer proved well, and the Lord, oh he provided! But more summer stories to come as I remember them...since then we've moved again! We're back down in the sweltering 100 degree heat of Texas after a summer with no high above 90 degrees. But we're nearer to friends and family again, and we're almost close to being moved in.

Moving in is a process. That's what I've learned. I'm not sure if it ever ends, as you keep buying new things, switching them out for old and rearranging the furniture every time you watch HGTV, honestly.  But Kyle and I have made progress, although the back rooms are piled with everything, and half of the rest is still at my parents' house, the front half of the house looks livable.

For our friends and family we'd love to keep you updated here, pictures and stories to come. For those of you that we don't know, a.) how'd you find us, but b.) we hope you get a kick out of it.
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