Sep 27, 2013

Twenty-Six Weeks

Twenty-Six Weeks

Two 'weekly' posts in one week, crazy, I know. But Tuesday wrapped up the end of Week 26 and I wanted to try to stay on schedule... you know, at least until a baby invades joins our lives.

Week 26 was kind of a normal week around the Hess House. Since Kyle's getting ready to travel a bit for work we squeezed every minute out for together time that we could. Like Kyle would get up off the couch and start to walk away and I would follow him, and then he'd turn around and smile and say "Oh I'm going to the bathroom, be right back, I promise." Can't help it if I love him that much, right?

I worked a little on the room this week getting my granny art completed. And although I may not have organized anything in the nursery, I sure thought about it a lot. This week we did clean out the closets in our bedroom getting rid of 'the things we never wear but are still holding on to.' I even got out a Rubbermaid tub and filled it with 'favorite clothes that simply don't fit because I'm pregnant.' I was afraid if the box wasn't correctly labeled that it may get donated or thrown out. I wanted to be clear that these ARE my favorite jeans, even if they don't fit my pregnant belly. We found it easier getting rid of stuff though knowing we're making room in the house for someone else...

This week I took a long hot bath (not too hot, pregnancy safety people) and realized that this may be the point where things start to get uncomfortable. Sure my super-stretchy maternity pants fit... but I researched buying new couches after Kyle has had to forklift me off the ever-sinking couches we currently own. Sitting still too long or laying down anywhere but the bed makes me stiff as an old lady, but I can still walk and everything.

Walking is actually great. I walked the track with a preggo friend of mine while our hubbies participated in Ultimate Frisbee on Sunday. We got to talking about baby things and we walked for like 2 hours or something. I felt great! I needed tons of water during the walk, and my rings were stuck on afterwards, but I really did feel great. I realize I can't do too much too fast, but the moderate level exercise is wonderful.

They say this is the last week of the second trimester (of course, depending who you ask) and that's a little crazy to me. Baby's moving more than ever, sometimes I panic and think she's having a seizure or asleep for way too long, but then she kicks like normal and all is well. I'm not craving things, per say, but cold juice is my favorite friend. I'm loving Tropicana's new Farmstand juice in Peach Mango, it's got sweet potato, grape, apple, carrot, and mango juice in it. While I don't typically drink juice (calorie-city) it's nice to have around especially when I need something to get me some sugar after working out or feeling a little dizzy.

I keep looking down at my belly thinking there's no way it could get bigger. But it does. And I'm sure it will continue to. And I keep trying to workout my arms so that when my thighs scream "I'm a pregnant lady!" by arms can add "...who tries to stay in shape..."

For this week's picture, I started out with an LSU t-shirt on. Large tent-like t-shirts are not the way to go when you're pregnant. They just make you look fat, it's true. I even talked about it with the ladies at work the other day who were telling me about the days of yore when pregnant ladies weren't allowed to work in the schools anymore or the times when the 'tight-fitting' pregnancy shirts of today would have been super-scandalous.

Kyle recommended I wear this shirt because it showed off the bump so well. He's never really recommended clothes before so I think that means he's excited :) And I'll admit, it was much, much more flattering than the t-shirt. Much, much, more.

Here are the week Twenty-Six pictures, baby's the size of a head of lettuce... but I wonder how big that is in baby terms...

Here's that bump. Oh it really is getting so big! And I don't know why I never wear shoes for these pictures. Maybe it's that whole barefoot and pregnant thing...

This would be me saying "can you believe the size of this belly?!" and "what? there's a tiny person in there?!"

And then one of those silly little moving things that Google Plus makes for me automatically when I upload pictures that look a lot alike. Can you tell we're excited?

I'll leave you with that on this Fall-like Friday. Oh fall is a wonderful time to be pregnant and nesting and cozy and wanting to bake wonderful pumpkin and ginger and spice things :)

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend as much as I'm enjoying this kiddo... even with the aches and pains, totally worth it already.

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