Dec 12, 2016

10 Days of Nativity: 2016

If you were around last year during the Christmas season you may remember me playing with Lincoln's Little People nativity scene and posting it all over the social media. Acting out the Christmas story was a way for me to teach Lincoln about the birth of Jesus, the true reason for the season. This year Lincoln is two and he is already learning about the "Baby Jesus" with "no crib" who sleeps "on the hay" where the animals eat. I love to see his little mind begin to understand who Jesus is, even if it's only through songs and games at this point. I'm excited to see how the 10 Days of Nativity go this year. So far it's been pretty comical.

So we're back at it again and I'm ready to invite you along (And when I say "we" I mean me, Kyle, Lincoln, and baby Noah-who I birthed and never wrote a thing on the blog about because, well I had two under two and needed sleep). Anyways...

In the true spirit of Christmas, I'd love for you to join me for the next two weeks as I challenge you to play with your nativity scenes as you reenact the Christmas story. Feel free to use whatever nativity scene you have adorning your home. If you choose your grandmother's antique set, well, use some caution around the kids and don't hold me liable. If you're looking for a "playable" nativity set, we use the Little People nativity set and it's stood up to the beating of a once one year old and now two year old.

Below are the links to the ten daily posts all right here for you. The posts are the same as last year, because I checked and the Bible hadn't changed so I figured we'd be safe. Each post includes part of the Christmas story as told in the Bible. The posts will include a picture of my Lincoln's Little People Nativity characters telling the story and the scripture reference for that day's portion of the story. Although you can get the posts for all ten days in the links below, each day on Instagram @brittanyhess and Facebook I'll have the simplified posts to keep you on track.

I've pulled out Lincoln's Nativity toys and we've already started playing. In the posts I'll note which characters we'll be introducing that day and feel free to pull out your nativity scenes (Little People or not) and let your kiddos (or roommates) play along as you read. Some of the portions of scripture are quite long, feel free to tailor the length to your personal patience levels...

If you want you can simply follow along and read the posts. Go a step further and break out your own Bible and your own nativity. Or go even a step further and snap a few pics of you and yours joining in the fun. Post those pics to Instagram or Facebook and make sure to use the hashtag #10DaysofNativity so that I can see the pics! Feel free to tag me if you'd like @brittanyhess.

Let's see how this goes with a two year old this year. I'm hoping less people get eaten or licked, but I can't promise anything...

Week One
Day 1: Gabriel Sent to Nazareth
Day 2: Mary's Song
Day 3: Joseph's Dream
Day 4: Travel to Bethlehem
Day 5: Jesus is Born!

Week Two
Day 6: Shepherds & Angels
Day 7: Shepherds Visit Jesus
Day 8: Magi See the Star
Day 9: Magi See Jesus
Day 10: God Loves Us & Sent His Son

Merry Christmas to you and yours and I hope someday I'll get a bit more sleep and I'll return to update you on our lives at the Hess House.

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