Oct 30, 2013

Twenty-Eight Weeks

Note: Still catching up from the computer glitch... but baby's growing fast!

Twenty Eight Weeks. It's getting closer, fast, very fast.

October 1, 2013
28 Weeks, 0 Days
We had a doctor's appointment today! Got to hear that baby's heartbeat again, although at this point I know she's alive and well because she's kicking all the time. I love it!

My doctor had to leave the office to deliver a baby, so I met with one of the other doctor's in the clinic. I had a million questions, again about childbirth and hospital policies, but decided to wait until after our class at the hospital and ask my actual doctor at the next appointment.

Not the most exciting visit, but I did get to drink what they call the GluCola for my Gestational Diabetes Screening. Won't hear back for a few days about my results, so I'm anxiously waiting, not because I'm nervous, but I'm a registered dietitian who loves to read lab results.

Now I'll start going to the doctor every two weeks! It's crazy, due date is getting closer every day! Mother-in-law reminded me that I could use the Christmas Countdowns and subtract a day to countdown to my due date. The other day was 100 days until Christmas, so that meant 99 days for me (give or take a few). Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

October 2, 2013
28 Weeks, 1 Day
Heartburn was not just here after I ate too much chili. It's possibly here to stay, it's attacking me with a vengeance. I finally understand the complaints of all my old patients... but I'm taking all of my own recommendations and it's not quite working. I had tuna and whole grain crackers and grapes for lunch. It was small. And then heartburn for dessert... and then I was starving a  few hours later so I had some yogurt and granola, some. And then heartburn...

I think I need an appointment with the Tums in our medicine cabinet.

Twenty Eight Weeks and for those of you who were wondering, no gestational diabetes thus far. Thankful for a healthy pregnancy. It's work to roll out of bed or get off the couch with this big 'ole belly but I know I've had it very easy compared to some. And for the ones out there who are wishing they would be uncomfortable for 9 months because you're still waiting, still trying for your baby... I'm praying for you this morning. The Lord is good.

Eggplant baby, big belly and all...

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