Nov 11, 2013

Thirty-Two Weeks

Note: Almost there on the catching up...

Thirty Two weeks. This is getting crazy close. I know we've still got eight weeks until the due date, which is an entire two months... but let's be honest this baby could come at any time really. Right? Does that sounds crazy to anyone else but me?? I bought my new-favorite juice in the store and the expiration date was my due date! Crazy...

This week Kyle is off traveling, but he is also planning for a big weekend at camp. This past weekend was the Mother-Daughter weekend they host at camp. It's a weekend full of girly things and wonderful moms who are learning about loving their girls well. It's the cutest thing ever and it made me think about how maybe we'll go someday: me and my little girl. But it also made me pray that our baby wouldn't be born this weekend. There's kind of a history of camp's employees going into labor on the Parent-Child weekends. Crazy coincidence, but you know I still prayed, lol. And no baby yet... :)

October 30, 2013
32 Weeks, 1 Day
This morning I woke up and got ready for work, just like I always do. I had a few extra minutes and with a stack of brand new books for our little girl waiting in her room, I decided to read her a story.

So I picked up the book that everyone raved about at the shower. One mom said, 'you'll want to read this to your daughter everyday until she is married.' The book is called The Princess Kiss. It's about a sweet princess that has been given the gift of her first kiss from God via her parents, the king and queen of course. The princes of each kingdom come along trying to ask for the princess' hand in marriage and her 'kiss' or her heart, but their motives are all wrong.

Then I got to the part where the farmer boy comes for the princess and declares his love for her. He offers up his own first kiss that he had been saving for her. He asks her to be his wife. And that's where I stopped reading out loud to our little baby-in-the-belly. I stopped because I was sobbing.

I imagined our sweet girl growing up and finding love. Praying that her heart would not be broken. Praying for the man that the Lord has to be her husband. That his parents would be praying for him too. I guess it's the first time I've thought about the fact that he may already be out there somewhere. And I prayed for him like I'd been praying for my own husband all these years.

I had to finish reading the book in a whisper so the tears wouldn't stop me. I love this sweet girl so much already. I prayed for her already this morning, for her heart, for her husband, for their love, for their kisses.

And the sun's not even up yet.

I guess this is what being a mom feels like. She already has so much of my heart.

October 31, 2013
32 Weeks, 2 Days
So today I was that pregnant lady that wore a pregnant lady costume all day. I stayed up, probably too late last night getting my costume ready. Since I work at a school with younger kids I figured I'd be festive. Turns out I was one of few in 'Halloween attire' so I'm glad I didn't go too crazy.

Found a shirt online and thought about buying it, then realized overnight shipping wasn't my most cost-effective measure. So I found this blog post about using freezer paper to make shirt stencils and I was ready to go! I printed out my design and got ready to trace and cut and paint...

Then I proudly walked around town all day. So excited about little baby's 'first' Halloween costume. I even had a baby doctor appointment, so you know they thought that was cute (or thought it was the 215th shirt they'd seen that day just like it...).

I spent the weekend up at camp and in the garage with my crazy safety mask on painting the dresser and the mirror for the baby room. Sneak peek... safety first guys :)

This week's bump picture brought to you by Halloween. Baby's the size of a squash they say. Since it's fall now, I guess that's appropriate.

Also, note I'm having trouble getting great focus on the camera when I set the self timer and I'm the only one in the picture. The camera focuses on the back wall when I press the shutter and then counts down from 10 before the pictures take... when Kyle's home it focuses on him so we're sharp. Anyone know how I can have the camera re-focus before it snaps the picture once I'm in front of the camera?

Anyways, Happy Halloween. And Happy Fall! Oh it's such a good time of year (nice and cool) to be a pregnant lady :)

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