Nov 8, 2013

Maternity Pictures

It's funny when you say maternity pictures what people think about. There are some crazy websites with 'awkward' maternity pictures where you honestly could spend hours laughing at these poor pregnant women. So when I thought about taking 'maternity pictures' I thought about some of these crazy pictures... One lady asked me if I was going to take any 'tasteful' maternity pictures that involved me wrapping myself in a sheet or something with no other clothes on...

Nope. I can only imagine the look of my child one day traumatized when they'd find that picture in an album somewhere. I'm trying to keep from messing up my kiddos too much...

Luckily my good friend Jill Pfalser has better taste than that. Jill was the professional photographer for our engagement pictures and for our wedding day. It's nice living in a small town to have such a good photographer so close by. And the fact that she's now one of my closest friends makes the shoot loads of fun.

So when she asked about maternity pictures, I remembered how much I loved the maternity pictures I'd seen her take. They're kind of like engagement pictures with a big ole belly and she has this way of capturing pregnant ladies and making them look stunning. And when you're weighing more than you ever thought you would in your life... anyone who can capture you looking anywhere near 'stunning' is kind of a miracle worker.

Jill recommended taking maternity pictures around 30 weeks... once you have a bump to show off, but before you feel all ugly and pregnant. I think she said while you still feel 'beautiful.' For me thirty one weeks was perfect timing.

Not saying "look at me, I'm stunning," but maybe that's how I feel after seeing these pictures...

I can't get over the fall light in this picture. I have no idea how Jill caught this... oh wait, she's talented. 

I love that Kyle is in so many of the pictures too. He is the dad, you know. And I think this next picture shows off how absolutely handsome Kyle Hess is. You guys should see the way he takes care of me, not to mention how well he takes care of me now that I'm pregnant. I think this picture needs to be in the baby's room so that when I want to yell at him in the middle of the night when we're both tired, sleep deprived, and the baby won't stop crying I can look at the picture before I yell crazy new-mom things at him...

This next one makes me think I should be a model in a magazine or something. Maybe I'm dreaming, lol... But I love how this one's all about the baby. And the boots, we can't forget about the boots.

And I think this next one is my favorite. For some reason it reminds me of the picture in the movie "The Family Stone," the one of the mother when she's young and pregnant. For some reason I think about my kiddos finding this picture someday and being impressed that their mother once had less wrinkles and less gray hairs and maybe they'll fight over who the baby was, and maybe they'll even call me 'stunning.'

Then this one reminds us that we're expecting a little girl. For some reason it's so cute to me to see Kyle holding a little sparkly shoe. Oh how that little girl is going to steal his heart...

I'm so glad we took these. Glad we weren't deterred by the crazy maternity pictures you see online. These are more what you'd pin on Pinterest and all your friends re-pin, lol. Right?

And Jill, like I mentioned, shoots engagement sessions and weddings, but she also shoots maternity pictures,  infant photography and Jill is wonderful at family photo sessions. So with the holidays and Christmas cards needing pictures, she'll be booking mini-sessions for holiday pictures soon. If you're in the area and interested let me know, I've got all her contact info!

So get out there preggo ladies, get you a good photographer and get some memorable, beautiful pictures. Because from what I've heard, for the first few months after baby, you probably won't be posing in front of the camera (with your maternity pants still on, lol).

And as always, Happy Friday. Enjoy the beautiful fall weekend and the wonderful light the fall brings.

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