We are the Hesses.

Kyle and Brittany, and well we seem to think our life is worth writing about. Our family and friends don't exactly live nearby and we started this little blog to keep everyone updated on the ins and outs of our middle-of-nowhere East Texas lives.

Here we are, been married five years. One Oklahoman and one Louisianian now living in Texas. We love each other a whole lot and we love Jesus real bad too. We're not the most popular, we don't have the fanciest house, and we sure don't have the best taste in clothes (sorry). But we like to think we keep it interesting with our summers in Colorado, our Saturdays garage sale-ing, and our dinners of freezer pizza all too often.

In 2013 a week before Christmas, our lives changed forever. We lost our daughter a week before her due date, a stillbirth, and although she had no life left we gave birth to our very first baby girl. Her name was Hannah Grace because she was a blessing from the Lord, a reminder of God's favor. We were blessed to share the story of the death and birth of our Hannah is here on the blog. So many of you have read and shared this story of the Lord's goodness through suffering. Feel free to read Hannah's story here.

Less than a year after Hannah was born, we were blessed with our first son Lincoln in 2014. He came four weeks early and he's been a fireball since. Lincoln keeps us on our toes but makes sure to give us the very best snuggles. After losing Hannah, Lincoln has been the perfect reminder of God's joy daily.

We are now expecting our third child and we couldn't be more thrilled! We look forward to sharing our lives with you all as our family continues to grow, but it has been harder to find the time to write as Lincoln grows and our free time becomes less and less.

Thank you for reading. We pray that the story of our lives can bring you smiles and laughter, but also the true hope of our God. For He is good above all things and his love endures forever.

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