Nov 4, 2013

Thirty Weeks

Note: We're catching up after a little computer glitch... but we're getting close to real time :)

Thirty Weeks! Feels like some kind of crazy milestone to be at Thirty Weeks!

October 18, 2013
30 Weeks, 3 Days
Kyle's been home this week so we've been moving things around and getting projects done. Although not everything in the nursery is ready (AKA pictures are not hung on the walls), I feel pretty good about things. We've got a Pack n Play that is rockin' thanks to some sweet friends. We've got the crib put together and installed (thanks to those same sweet friends #lovehandmedowns) and the new 'safety brackets' in place. I've even got one crib sheet on the mattress. We've been given some fun baby girl clothes ans I have those sorted out in the closet according to size...

Still a few big projects (paint the dresser) and little projects (hang the shelves and pictures and garland) to get done. But I'm not in a state of panic or anything. Sure the one thing they say you need before baby comes is a car seat, and we don't have one yet... but we've got one picked out and I'm sure we can send someone to the store for us in case baby comes super early for some reason... We've still got to get the stroller and the pumps and bottles and onesies, but I'm feeling like maybe we're on track.

I've got the registries all lined up so we'll know what to buy when the time comes. We've got wonderful friends and family that have offered to throw us baby showers and I can't wait to get to see everyone and show off this big 'old baby belly!

We're on lesson 4-ish of 12 in the childbirth book we're reading at the house. And although I feel like I know nothing about newborns, I'm learning more about birth every day. And the birth part comes first, right?

They say 9 weeks and 4 days until the due date... it's coming fast...

October 19, 2013
30 Weeks, 4 Days
So I'm in Houston at the Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE). When I called to book the hotel I made sure there was a shuttle to the convention center from the hotel by saying (I'll be like 8 months pregnant during the convention and I'm not sure how far I should be walking from the hotel..." The customer service lady replied, "you'll be 8 months pregnant?! why are you going?" So why am I in Houston at almost 31 Weeks pregnant?

Because I can be. And because I'm a big ole nutrition nerd. The FNCE Conference is the national conference and it's kind of a big deal. Usually the conference is in Vegas or New York or somewhere expensive to travel to and expensive to stay. This year it's in the state I live in! And my work is paying (mostly) to send me to the conference! And well, until the government shutdown my VA dietitian buddies were going to be coming too for a full on party...

So I picked out my very most professional (yet comfortable) maternity clothes and I headed down to Houston. I downloaded the FNCE app, picked out the sessions I wanted to attend and I'm praying that my feet don't choose this weekend to decide to start to swell.

Conference starts tonight, and then there's an 'event' afterwards. I packed a dress for the occasion, but this preggo lady may be snoozing early tonight instead...

Thirty Weeks... Me and my healthy cucumber baby at FNCE. Figured it was fitting to get a pic in my conference hotel room, lol...

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