Jul 1, 2013

Telling Kyle

So I think it's always fun to here the stories of how wives tell their husbands they're pregnant. I've heard and read about these elaborate setups where the wife orders crazy amounts of stuff and surprises her husband. Those stories are great... but I wonder who has time to keep a secret from their husband long enough to think of these plans. I've heard some friends who cried in shock to their husbands... that may be more my style.

For us, here's our story...

We left off with the little digital test screen that said:


And it was just me. Kyle wasn't there watching the creen with me or anything. The test said the screen would hold the 'pregnant' message for approximatley 24 hours. Kyle was working. But I knew he's be home soon.

Then I realized it was Spaghetti Dinner night at church. That meant I'd be heading to teach my kids at church at 4:30. Kyle would arrive home at 5:30ish. And I'd stop by the house to pick him up for the spaghetti dinner at 6:00 ish. I would have to see all those people at church and not tell a soul!

It helped that 90% of the people I saw were under the age of 10. And then I ran home as fast as I could. I decided to play it cool and be all nonchalant. It went like this:

Kyle's watching TV/getting ready for spaghetti dinner. I walk in the living room and say "Oh I found something at Target today that I thought would be a great Fan Shirt for your softball team next year." I continue to walk into the bedroom to get said shirt (AKA the baby shirt)...

I called Kyle over and said something like "Come see." Then I pulled out the little tiny shirt all wadded up and handed it to him. He unwrapped it and looked confused. Not puzzled. Not "oh my goodness are we going to have a baby?!" but just kind of like if I had told him about a fun craft project I just completed: happy for me, but not exactly sure why I was so excited.

Later Kyle confessed that he thought I bought a shirt for our friends who has just had a baby. Like on Friday Jill and Clinton had a baby boy and Sunday I'm showing Kyle a cute baby shirt. It made since for him to think I bought a shirt for the newborn...

I tried to wait to let Kyle figure it out on his own, but I couldn't hold it in. So I said in a confused, yet excited voice, "So I think we may be pregnant?!"

Kyle...probably elated on the inside said he wanted to play it safe and not get too excited. He replied, "Wait, you think? How do we know?" I was shaking I was so nervous and we hugged and smooched of course. The conversation ended in us being really excited and trying to hide every bit of it because you never know... two pregnancy tests could be wrong.

With our secret safe, we headed to the spaghetti dinner. I tell you this because we sat with a great family at dinner. The Tabers are kind of known for being incredible, and I love Jen. Her girls were asking if they would get dessert before they ate their meals... so I helped out by saying "oh I'm waiting on my dessert too!"

Jen responded with an excited look on her face and asked "Did you say you're eating dessert FOR TWO?!?"

After I passed out... I responded with a nonchalant laugh and "oh no I said I'm waiting on dessert." I laughed on the inside, and I still think it's funny that she asked me less than 12 hours after I found out myself.

Monday morning I woke up and checked with test number three. I ran back to the bedroom and Kyle and I stared at the little hourglass together.


Guess it's the real deal.


  1. Haha! that is hilarious. I almost blew your cover! glad I didn't! congratulations! we are so excited for you guys! Jen taber

  2. What a great story! Bruce Hess


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