Sep 27, 2013

Twenty-Six Weeks

Twenty-Six Weeks

Two 'weekly' posts in one week, crazy, I know. But Tuesday wrapped up the end of Week 26 and I wanted to try to stay on schedule... you know, at least until a baby invades joins our lives.

Week 26 was kind of a normal week around the Hess House. Since Kyle's getting ready to travel a bit for work we squeezed every minute out for together time that we could. Like Kyle would get up off the couch and start to walk away and I would follow him, and then he'd turn around and smile and say "Oh I'm going to the bathroom, be right back, I promise." Can't help it if I love him that much, right?

I worked a little on the room this week getting my granny art completed. And although I may not have organized anything in the nursery, I sure thought about it a lot. This week we did clean out the closets in our bedroom getting rid of 'the things we never wear but are still holding on to.' I even got out a Rubbermaid tub and filled it with 'favorite clothes that simply don't fit because I'm pregnant.' I was afraid if the box wasn't correctly labeled that it may get donated or thrown out. I wanted to be clear that these ARE my favorite jeans, even if they don't fit my pregnant belly. We found it easier getting rid of stuff though knowing we're making room in the house for someone else...

This week I took a long hot bath (not too hot, pregnancy safety people) and realized that this may be the point where things start to get uncomfortable. Sure my super-stretchy maternity pants fit... but I researched buying new couches after Kyle has had to forklift me off the ever-sinking couches we currently own. Sitting still too long or laying down anywhere but the bed makes me stiff as an old lady, but I can still walk and everything.

Walking is actually great. I walked the track with a preggo friend of mine while our hubbies participated in Ultimate Frisbee on Sunday. We got to talking about baby things and we walked for like 2 hours or something. I felt great! I needed tons of water during the walk, and my rings were stuck on afterwards, but I really did feel great. I realize I can't do too much too fast, but the moderate level exercise is wonderful.

They say this is the last week of the second trimester (of course, depending who you ask) and that's a little crazy to me. Baby's moving more than ever, sometimes I panic and think she's having a seizure or asleep for way too long, but then she kicks like normal and all is well. I'm not craving things, per say, but cold juice is my favorite friend. I'm loving Tropicana's new Farmstand juice in Peach Mango, it's got sweet potato, grape, apple, carrot, and mango juice in it. While I don't typically drink juice (calorie-city) it's nice to have around especially when I need something to get me some sugar after working out or feeling a little dizzy.

I keep looking down at my belly thinking there's no way it could get bigger. But it does. And I'm sure it will continue to. And I keep trying to workout my arms so that when my thighs scream "I'm a pregnant lady!" by arms can add "...who tries to stay in shape..."

For this week's picture, I started out with an LSU t-shirt on. Large tent-like t-shirts are not the way to go when you're pregnant. They just make you look fat, it's true. I even talked about it with the ladies at work the other day who were telling me about the days of yore when pregnant ladies weren't allowed to work in the schools anymore or the times when the 'tight-fitting' pregnancy shirts of today would have been super-scandalous.

Kyle recommended I wear this shirt because it showed off the bump so well. He's never really recommended clothes before so I think that means he's excited :) And I'll admit, it was much, much more flattering than the t-shirt. Much, much, more.

Here are the week Twenty-Six pictures, baby's the size of a head of lettuce... but I wonder how big that is in baby terms...

Here's that bump. Oh it really is getting so big! And I don't know why I never wear shoes for these pictures. Maybe it's that whole barefoot and pregnant thing...

This would be me saying "can you believe the size of this belly?!" and "what? there's a tiny person in there?!"

And then one of those silly little moving things that Google Plus makes for me automatically when I upload pictures that look a lot alike. Can you tell we're excited?

I'll leave you with that on this Fall-like Friday. Oh fall is a wonderful time to be pregnant and nesting and cozy and wanting to bake wonderful pumpkin and ginger and spice things :)

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend as much as I'm enjoying this kiddo... even with the aches and pains, totally worth it already.

Sep 25, 2013

Prints for the Nursery

So I've been looking around for 'art' for the nursery. I have a pretty broad definition of art, pretty much anything I can figure out how to hang on the wall or set on a shelf. You all know that I'm not usually one to jump and hang things on the wall, but I've been improving and I think we're making progress... gallery wall, office board... right?

So for the baby room which sometimes I call 'the nursery' and sometimes not, I'm real excited about getting things up on the wall. I've been perusing Pinterest and a few blogs for DIY art and what they like to call 'free printables.'

I'm a big fan of color, frames, and meaning. And I wanted to be able to use a little meaning in the nursery without having a huge print with the baby's name and date of birth or something. Although if that's your style, that works too... I just figure I'd love to have the art on the wall completed before the baby is born and named and has a birth date.

I had a few ideas.

You may remember this picture from when I made the gallery wall. It was in the running for prints, but never made it to the wall. It's a picture of my mother's mother,  my mother's grandmother, and my mother's aunt (left to right) all when they were young enough to do crazy things like water ski. I love the color, I love the swimsuits, I love that it's my family.

And now that we're having the next lady in the family line it only makes since for this picture to hang in her room. So she knows where she came from, and so she knows it's okay to water ski with her mom, and she thinks she needs to wear a one piece swimsuit forever... It just so happens that it's the exact colors I was wanting for the baby room anyways... right?

So this picture becomes the first piece of 'art' for the room...

I got a 14 x 18 inch frame in white from Michael's for $12 while it was 40-50% off. I looked through a lot of frames and this was a cheaper frame, but I just can't see paying $45 for a frame. So we'll see how the final product looks.

I learned a few things when trying to print the picture also. Since it's a square picture originally, I couldn't upload it to print at my local Walmart (only place to print photos in town here...). When I uploaded it, the 'autocrop' took off the sides of the picture. There's wasn't a way to leave the 'white' at the bottom when printing and just cut it off later. But when I called the photo center they let me know I could come in with the picture on a flash drive and they could help me out. I figure this info could be handy if you're trying to print a square picture from Instagram or your phone as well.

The print cost me less than $5 for an 8x10. The original picture is about 4 inches by 4 inches so I knew it'd be a little blurry when I made it that big, but it's an old picture anyway, so it looks nice blurry. Once I cut it, the picture was about 8x8.

I couldn't find a pre-cut mat for the frame that fit a square picture, and I didn't want to pay to have one specially cut. Maybe I'll try that some day, I have no idea how expensive it is. I hear the mat gives a small spacing between the glass and the actual photo, helping the photo to not 'stick to' the glass over the years. I guess I'm taking my chances.

So I used a piece of poster board (small piece, that's all they had at my store) and placed the picture on top of the poster board. This would be a time where I'd use white paper or card stock, but I didn't have any paper as big as the frame. I tried out a few positions: in the middle, a little up, a little down, seeing if it looked fancier one way more than the other. Then I realized I could use the poster board and the mat from the frame and have it look even nicer...

I used a little double stick tape to attach the photo to the poster board and got it all back in the frame. And so here's the finished product. (Note how the colors of the walls in this room are different in every. single. picture. I take...)

I'm waiting to hang it on the wall until I get some more of the art and shelves hung to check the placement... what do ya think? I kind of dream about the day when our little girl can stand up in her crib and point to the 'pretty ladies in the picture' and call them by name and know that they're her family, even though she'll never be able to meet my grandmother or great-grandmother. I would love that.

I've still got a few more ideas for the walls:

I love these free printables from The Handmade Home (a website I just found that I think I'm absolutely in LOVE with!) and I think they'd look great on the wall behind the crib. I've got some white floating shelves my dad built for my room years ago that I stole right off the walls that I think would be great for the printables or even to hold some kid books.

I'm thinking of a few more printed items or watercolor collections by yours truly. But we'll see how artsy I get...

We'll see where all this nesting takes us... or if I get tired too fast to get any of it done, lol.

Sep 23, 2013

Twenty-Five Weeks

Twenty-five weeks. Oh it's going so fast.

My belly keeps getting bigger. I'm past the point of "is she pregnant?" and all the way to strangers walking up and asking me when the baby's due. The kiddos at school are only 4 years old, but even they know.

4-year-old Boy: (pointing to my stomach) Why is your belly so BIG?
Me: It's because there's a baby in there!
4-year-old Boy: (look of excitement and slight panic) Baby's coming?!
Me: Yes, not today, but yes 'baby's coming.'
4-year-old-boy: What's his name?
Me: It's a girl actually.
4-year-old Boy: Oh. Well then her name is Kaylee. You call her Kaylee.

The kids crack me up. They must know people, possibly their mothers who have had babies recently. Because they know all the questions to ask. Where's the baby? When's it 'coming out'? Is it a boy or girl? What's the name? And they always seem to recommend the most interesting names. So far Suzie, Sheila, Kaylee, and some names I have no idea how to spell have been recommended by small children. It's like the conversations I've been having with adults, but much cuter.

Kyle and I also decided to hit the town this week. We headed out to the Olive Garden and I put on a fancy new "little" black dress from Target. I say "little" because it's super cute, but come on, it's a maternity dress, so it's not that little, lol.

We sat at the table and immediately I was uncomfortable. Poor Kyle had to sit through me deciding that we needed a booth and then talking about how the lady more pregnant than me got a booth. Poor guy, I got over it soon enough. And then laughed at how pregnant I was... then I couldn't decide between ordering an entree that was no longer on the menu or ordering my favorite soup. The waitress appeared to be quite amused, she set up the special off-menu order, then brought me soup for free, along with the salad and bread sticks. Oh and I ordered one of those dipping sauces for the bread sticks... which makes it like s 5 course meal. Oh I was so 'that pregnant lady.' I couldn't stop laughing at how much I was eating, and how much I loved Kyle Hess for not being embarrassed of me but for thinking I was still cute and beautiful.

I really do have the best husband.

Twenty Five Weeks
How far along? 25 Weeks
Maternity Clothes? Yes. Or Large t-shirts. Still rocking the elastic waist jeans from the summer, they are my new best friends. Full on maternity pants at work, and other than the occasional 'this was a poofy shirt before pregnancy' it's all maternity shirts here on out.
Stretch Marks? Just a few small ones, and I can't really tell yet if they're blood vessels popping up or stretch marks. But I'm not super excited about it either way...
Sleep? Sleeping well, waking up once a night for a potty break, but waking up on time with my alarm on a regular basis. So I consider that a triumph...
Best Moment This Week: It's been great to have Kyle home. When the baby kicks in the morning I love rolling over and sticking my belly on Kyle so the baby can kick him in the back. I love it. Best moment though may have been crying from the 'baby name test drive' which you'll here more about later...
Miss Anything?: I get the occasional craving for sushi or want to order a rare steak. But we don't go out that much anyway, and so far so good. I do miss sleeping on my back... oh, or I miss sleeping through the night, but I hear that may not happen for the next 18 years...
Movement? Yes. I love it! She's usually kicking at 6:30am when we wake up (but 8:00 on Saturdays, it's like she knows to sleep in), 8:00am on my way to work, different times throughout the day, and gets jumping again about 10:00pm when we're heading to bed.
Food Cravings?: None really. Occasionally I want one of those delicious cinnamon rolls and don't even think twice before buying a pack... but that happened before I was pregnant.
Boy or Girl? They say it's a girl!
Labor signs? Nope.
Belly Button In or Out? In, but getting smaller every day.
Wedding Rings On or Off? On, but probably should take them off before I go walking...
Showing? Yep. Definitely. No matter what I'm wearing.
Looking forward to: Getting the house ready for the baby, they call it nesting right? Getting things done around the house that will be harder once baby is here. We've been having people over, I've been building that head board, and gathering things for the nursery...

September 12, 2013
25 Weeks, 1 Day
Twenty five weeks. It's a little bit crazy to me. They say our sweet little baby, if born today (which would be super early) could (with a lot of ICU) survive today. Outside the womb.

It's funny how knowing that makes me excited that we're really having a baby. And that she's healthy and that it's all really happening. But typing that just a second ago actually was a little bittersweet. "She could survive without me..." somehow felt like our baby was heading off to college or getting married and that it was the day I realized she didn't need me anymore. I think maybe I've grown a little attached :)

The reality of things is that she does still need be. We've got plenty of weeks left for this bun to cook in the oven before she's really ready to live, and after that even I'm still the girl's main food source for a while. She needs me. And that makes me feel a little bit better.

But when I look in the mirror I most certainly have a baby belly. I'm pretty excited about the fact that the bump looks kind of 'defined' instead of just like a beer gut or a blubbery stomach. I'm pretty sure this is the only time I've ever been able to call my abdomen 'defined' so I'm hanging onto it as long as I can really.

But our house is starting to fill with baby things. I've been updating our baby registries with everything everyone recommends. When we first registered I think I had about 30 items on the list. Immediately I had multiple friends and family members say "oh you're going to need way more than that!" So I've been working on all the 'must-haves' of baby-ness.

The nursery has boxes and bags of clothes and toys and bedding that have been handed down to us for our sweet little baby. You wouldn't believe how full the nursery is getting, and we haven't even gotten 'the essentials' yet. The nursery is painted and we put together the crib (so graciously given to us) and it's starting to all make sense.

There's a baby on the way...

September 15, 2013
25 Weeks, 5 Days
As we got ready for church this morning Kyle and I were also baking in the kitchen. We had signed up to bring snacks for Sunday school, so we woke up a bit early to get our pigs in a blanket and blueberry peach casserole in the oven. While things were baking Kyle brought up baby names, "Have you thought any more about names?"

Truth is, I kind of had, but not with any great results. There are still just a few names we're thinking about for our little one, but there are still no definites, no "that's a great one." All the names are "I kind of like..." insert name here.

So we sat down living room looking at different names. Typing names into websites that would 'help' us decide. Scrolling through the top 50,000 names and seeing if we liked anything. Then I remembered a website that offered a "name test drive." You enter a name you're considering and it puts the name in multiple sentences. I typed in a few names and began to read them aloud to see what Kyle thought...
"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is BabyGirl Hess... BabyGirl pick up your toys! I'm not going to ask you again... I'm at BabyGirl Hess's house..."
And then we got to the next one...
"Do you BabyGirl Hess take this man...   ...   ..."
And I started crying. I burst into tears thinking about the day our sweet little baby girl gets married. Kyle stared at me and giggled a bit. I started to laugh and say "why am I crying? Oh I'm such an emotional pregnant lady." And I cried and laughed and wiped my eyes and couldn't even read the end of the sentence. But we both knew exactly why I was crying.

Because even though she doesn't have a name yet, we've never seen her, we haven't yet held her in our arms... We've already fallen in love with her. She's already our little girl. And she's surely already captured her momma's heart.

Baby's the size of a Head of Cauliflower... although again that seems small compared to how full my belly feels... I would love to show you our 25 Week pictures, but I'll admit. We didn't take any... oops. So we'll have to go with the one from the Olive Garden? We've been busy, don't think it'll scar our kiddo for life...

Twenty-five weeks, closer every day.

Sep 20, 2013

Change of Plans

So last night I planned to do a few things. On the list was:

 - Stop by the photo center and print a picture for the nursery
 - Crop and frame the picture to show off on the blog today
 - Take our weekly bump picture (for last week...)
 - Buy some root beer with PriceMatch for our root beer float party at work today
 - Jump on a major overhaul cleaning/organizing event in our bedroom
 - Water the grass
 - Cut a friend's hair at our house.

I'm pleased to say that our friend's hair did get cut. And God had it rain last night, so the grass did get watered...

And that was it.

See, yesterday when I was attempting to leave work my car didn't start. This would be our reliable car so it didn't make much sense. With our Saturn I could rattle off quite a few things I know we need to check if it doesn't start: check the sensor, check to see if the fuel pump pressures up, check the fuse for the fuel pump, check the battery... really among other things. And while the Camry is still a car, it looks a little different under the hood.

Turned the key, no clicking from the ignition, no trying to turn over the engine. Tried to jump the car, no luck.

Called Kyle and he came to the rescue. We tried charging the battery, no luck. He tried to what they call "jump starting" the starter and sparks flew everywhere... I was real impressed actually. But no starting. Apparently that meant it was the starter. So we read something about hitting the starter to see if it would work... yes, hitting the starter...

...and ta-da! The car started. Apparently the little spinny things (technical term) in the starter get jammed up when the starter's going out but for a few last times you can tap/hit the starter and they'll come unjammed for a few starts.

Usually when there's car trouble it means cars are out for a few days...

But my husband is like a super hero, and our friend Josh was at our house to get his hair cut... so we convinced him to stay and help. Two other friends came by and they helped too... and with our handy friend on the phone giving advise it was amazing.

Those men got that old starter off and that new starter on, AND even returned the old starter to the auto place for a $20 rebate. I drove the car to work this morning!

Taking this fiasco to a grand total of: a few hours in the school parking lot, two trips to the part store, one fancy husband, 3+ friends, a few hours in our shop AND only $115.

I was so impressed. You should be impressed too. Not by my ability to make art for the nursery (plan postponed) or my ability to take 'baby bump' pictures on time...

But on my husband's ability to do fancy things with cars. My knight in shining car tools :)

Happy Friday! May all your fiascoes have this easy of a fix or hard working friends and family to help...

Sep 11, 2013

Twenty-Four Weeks

Twenty-Four Weeks

Seems so surreal. This week we had a doctor's appointment. It was just a routine baby-in-the-belly check up, but I asked multiple crazy-mom questions. Like:
I was reading this on the internet...
So I heard someone say...
I was wondering if I should...
I sounded like my nutrition patients when they say "But Dr. Oz said..." and "But my friend lost 75 pounds in 2 weeks when she..." So I kept assuring the doctor that I was asking her because I knew she was the expert and I wanted to know what really was best for me and baby. I kept feeling like a crazy woman, and I think I actually told her a few times 'I'm not crazy, but...' which is like the universal sign for crazy.

But at the end of the appointment, she said "okay so we'll see you in four weeks, and then it'll be every two weeks after that."

I think I was in shock. Every two weeks after that?! We're already that close? Oh this baby is going to be here so soon!! If Kyle wasn't with me I may have run out to buy a car seat that minute, you know "just in case the baby came today..."

We're not 'that far' along that the baby is due anytime soon. But I think it kind of brought home a little reality that pregnancy doesn't last forever and that we should actually be planning for this little girl to join us in the world outside the womb in the future. Crazy...

This week the guest room transformed into the 'baby room.' I whipped out my paint brush and my no-VOC paint and went to town. Again, I'm still not sure about the color, but I think it'll lighten up once we move everything into the room.  Consider that two rooms I've painted while pregnant... I'm sooo dangerous...

But after painting the room, Kyle arrived home with our crib. We had a sweet family give us the crib their kiddos outgrew and we promptly set it up in the baby room. 

I stared at the crib for a long time again thinking 'there's a baby coming...'  

Kyle and I spent some time in the room moving around furniture. Well, he was moving the furniture and I was playing the part of wife saying "oh wait, scoot that over just a tad, nope back the other way, yep... maybe over there" He was a trooper. We have quite a large room, so we are trying to see if we can keep our full size bed in the baby room and still have room for everything else. It'll be nice when we have family over to help with the baby, or just over to visit if we can have a place for people to sleep. The nursery is nowhere near 'complete' but I'm working on it.

This week we had a lot of boxes come into the house. We have sweet friends and family that have looked around their houses and sent so many things. Some have gone to baby consignment sales and bought us things and we are really grateful.

The crazy thing I've used most is the magical maternity box. It's like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, only maybe The Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Clothes.  We have this box that floats around town between our friends. Each soon-to-be mom uses the box of maternity clothes the best she can, adds any maternity clothes she may have bought while pregnant, and when done growing the baby passes it along to the next soon-to-be mother. In a town where maternity clothes (especially cute ones) are hard to find, it's a Godsend. 

Between 'the box' and other clothes I've been sent, this is the stash!

It's wonderful. When only very select items of non-maternity clothes fit, it's wonderful to have maternity clothes already in the house.

We took our Twenty-Four Week pictures, and really this belly gets bigger every day! They say baby's the size of a cantaloupe, but then some people say pineapple. And pineapple's much bigger than a cantaloupe to me...

Twenty-four weeks. It's a little bit crazy to me.

Sep 9, 2013

Working Weekend

While Kyle headed up to Nebraska to watch the Huskers play this weekend, I decided to make good use of the empty house for a weekend of painting. And with these pregnancy nesting instincts I'm making a little headway on the Hess House Projects.

I woke up Saturday morning at approximately 7:00am unable to go back asleep. (Apparently waking up on time for work on a consistent basis makes me real productive.) So I thought I'd go ahead and get started with the painting. Oh our good ole friend Valspar Ultra (Low Odor, No-VOC) and sufficient ventilation and breaks made it all safe for this preggo lady.

I was looking for the right color, a light blue, with a hint of green. So like a subtle turquoise. I saw these pictures on Pinterest and that's what I was going for. I love the blue against the stark white trim and the multiple options for color accents.

So I went to the paint store and picked up a ton of paint chips and mulled them over for a few days. I got a little excited about the Labor Day sale and jumped for a color that wasn't the lightest on the sample. I picked Valspar's Sea Kiss... and then spent the next few days second guessing it. Couldn't wait to get it on the walls.

Armed with my roller and my short-handled angle brush it was quite reminiscent of painting the living room this spring. Except that I didn't have to paint around any gallery walls or large office boards on hinges... so it went much faster.

When the color went up on the walls I thought it was just about perfect. Then it started to dry darker (like all paint really) and it started to look more like a teenage dream than a classy room. I started worrying just a bit, but they say two coats really does make a difference in the color so I kept painting.

Looking back now I probably would have gone a shade lighter if I could do it all over again, but I'm not repainting it just yet (my legs are still sore). I'm going to wait until we have all the white furniture in the room and then see how it looks. Because honestly, the longer I stare at it, the more I like it certain light, lol.

This was the most accurate picture I could get of the color, room still piled with all the old furniture in the middle. I set my white balance to get the best shot.  If you don't know, if you're camera is on Auto White Balance the color in the picture could be far, far from what it looks like in real life. Which is why it's hard to see a paint color in a magazine or on Pinterest and immediately go out and buy the same color and have it look the same. That and the natural lighting of the room... etc.

But the room is painted, and the crib arrived yesterday and I am thrilled to put it together and see what this room is going to look like! We've been blessed with lots of hand-me-downs and generous donations to the nursery and I can't wait to show all those things off.

Until then, we did get some things marked off the list:

Hess House Pre-Baby Project List:

Plant a Garden: Planted and watering daily. So far we have six tomato plants and six bell pepper plants. And they haven't died yet.

Build a Headboard for Our Bed: We cut the wood when Kyle got home, and while I planned on putting it together this weekend. I used up a little more energy then planned for while painting. Apparently you tire out faster when 25 weeks pregnant...

Paint the Guest Room

Paint the Hallway for the Wall O' Pictures: Again it was in the plans for the weekend, but I didn't want to wear myself out...

Wall O' Frames

Paint the Desk/ Paint the Furniture that's going to stay in the Baby Room

I think we're doing pretty good so far. Only 15 weeks (or less) until the baby is here... things are getting pretty exciting around the Hess House! Ahhh!

Happy Monday! Go ahead, paint that room you've been waiting almost two years to paint...

Sep 6, 2013

Twenty-Three Weeks

Twenty-Three Weeks

Let's be honest, the very most exciting thing about this week was the fact that my husband was coming HOME! I spent the week relaxing and then running to the store to fill our cabinets with 'man food' AKA more than cereal for dinner.

Little Baby Hess was showing off this week, kicking up a storm. I told her lots that her dad was coming home soon, and I think she was kicking me saying "wooooo hooo!" Or maybe practicing because I'd been bragging to her dad on the telephone about how he'd be able to feel her kick when he got home. I had guarded by belly from stray hands until he got to feel her for the first time... he's kind of a big deal.

She kicked for him when we got home and we spent the long weekend on the couch watching lots of college football. Kyle's so cute telling baby-in-the-belly that he's excited to watch Nebraska football with her one day. If she's anything like her mom or her grandma (my mom) she'll learn to cheer and jump around and tell the officials exactly what the call should have been. The ladies of the fam have been known to get excited about football when the game's on...

So for the bump picture of the week, we decided to wear our college football best. And let's just say that my shirt may have been a little smaller than I imagined. And therefore I may look a little bigger than I imagined.

They say baby's the size of a grapefruit, but she sure can move! I was watching a little more of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and looked down one night to see my belly moving! So crazy...

Started planning a little more this week. We went to Target and Babies R Us to do a little registering for baby things and got to park in the Stork Parking!

It was kind of crazy, our Babies R Us didn't have much in the store but I had my super-researches-everything-ahead-of-time list. Then leave it to Target to have cute things and make us all happy and full of Icees and popcorn!

This week we were also getting ready to make this house a home for our family. So this long weekend (after all the football) we finally started the headboard for our room...

and we even picked out a paint color for the baby room (there was a sale at Lowe's on paint, lol)...

More on the projects later, got plans this next weekend for the painting now that my strong husband moved all the furniture to the center of the room...

Happy Friday. Twenty-Three weeks, she'll be here before we know it, ahh crazy!

Sep 2, 2013

Stand By

Please Stand By...

My absolutely wonderful, adorable, attractive, strong man of a husband is HOME! Like he's in Texas, in our house, in real human form!

Please excuse me while I stare into his eyes instead of blogging for a few days...

We'll be back on Friday with this week's preggers update. Kyle's back in the weekly bump pics, get excited!
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