Jun 17, 2016

Big Bellies and New T-Shirts

A few nights ago I jumped online to buy some new summer shorts.

I have a few pair of 'summer camp' shorts that I wore a couple of years ago when I was pregnant with Lincoln. Then last summer I wore them again and a sweet friend said to me, "Brittany, you know, you could wear smaller shorts..." and I felt all glowy like I was the girl in Napoleon Dynamite.

"You could be drinking whole if you wanted to..." Anyone?

Well folks I have outgrown the big shorts. And just today someone asked me "how many on the way?" in which I'm pretty sure he was asking if I was having twins...

But I'm not complaining. I'm not looking for someone to say "wow you look so thin!" "Where is your bikini?" "Oh my you don't even look pregnant?!" Because come on...

The last few summers that I've been pregnant in Colorado we headed home in the fall when I hit the 20-22 week mark. This summer we arrived in Colorado at the 22 week mark and so I'm growing out of my summer clothing items quickly.

In the past when my belly has gotten this big I've been in my fancy work clothes and once arriving home I immediately donned by favorite pair of black baggy yoga pants and one of Kyle's man-sized t-shirts.

But now we're at camp. And all the maternity people make V-neck shirts which, if I'm being honest, are just not the most appropriate for the pregnant ladies to wear around family camp.

So this week I bought some new camp shirts, some Lake City t-shirts, and two new pair of athletic shorts in a larger, more comfy size. And man, clothes that fit are wonderful. We should all embrace it. My super cute extra large t-shirts are my new best friends.

Here's to 12 more weeks of growing, and to my doc who says "hmm, you're measuring big."

Yep, my husband was an 11 pound baby and my month early baby was seven pounds... We grow the men strong in the Hess house.

Jun 8, 2016

Mountain Life

We've been in the mountains for nearly a month now. Our bodies are finally acclimating to the high altitude and the cool weather. Well, Kyle's body is acclimating and mine is growing a baby so I'd be lying if I said it was getting easier to breathe...

The mountains are always wonderful, but our days here are busy and full. In years past I've been busy working and now it's a bit different. I often wonder who thinks I'm 'lazy' as I order them around to get a cabin clean all while sitting on the ground with my toddler in my lap hunting for the best rocks and looking for wonderful places to hide them.

Our days begin early as our little "mama, dada" alarm clock rings. Sometimes Lincoln wakes crying because of our close living quarters and lack of insulation between rooms, and sometimes he pops up happy and ready for adventure. Often he is talking about boots or outside or possibly the horses that he thinks are cows and calls "moos" before anything else.

Toddler mornings and the work at camp begins. My contribution to the morning meetings is often limited by the number of items Lincoln wants to pull off of someone else's desk. But when the desks contain ice axes or sat phones or wireless mouses I cannot blame him.

Breakfast brings in all of Lincoln's "friends" that he's made here with our college staff in the last few weeks. Somehow he has chosen favorites, which means some are greeted with a "morning!" or with kisses or with endless fist bumps. And the day unfolds from there.

The days are full of watching others work so very efficiently on camp work. All while I let my to-do list pile up, and therefore my nights are full of catching up on anything but sleep. Even so, I love being a mother here.

I wish I could accurately describe the adventures we go on. Every step offers a new wonder that I get to see my sweet boy explore. Trees become magical. Geese and "doh-gees" become his best friends. Lincoln plays more "boo" than he ever has before, running and laughing and hiding, even if hiding means he simply covers his eyes to disappear.

In the last few days we've discovered the stream that runs near the front gate of camp. We pick dandelions and toss them in to "float fast" and find rocks to throw in and "sploosh." The way my little guy splashes his little hands in the cold water lets me see not only his adventurous spirit but I get to see the way he is falling in love with the nature God created.

Lincoln reminds me to sit in awe of the Lord more, whether it's because of his awe in the world or because of my awe in my little baby growing up right before my very eyes. Lincoln teaches me to love well, to say "morning!" and to welcome the day ready to love. Lately Lincoln's been wanting to help too, reminding me that his little temper tantrums are not the only thing inside of him, but that he is often selfless too. He's been watering the flowers and cleaning up dishes and helping in any way a toddler can, even if it often makes the job take much longer.

In a world where the minutes and years often pass us by, I am blessed to stop and soak in these moments. I love being Lincoln's mother. Even if that means my work piles up.

I don't mind the piles, really. I'm even getting very good at stacking them high and making them seem to be organized... because someday my boy is gonna grow out of those adorable rain boots and the piles and the boots will all disappear together.

I'll miss this someday, someday soon I'm sure.
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