Jun 17, 2013

13 Weeks

So I told you we've been working on a project to share with you guys...

Well, it's something we've been working on for about 13 Weeks...

We're more than excited (can you tell by my facial expression!) It's been hard keeping this kiddo a secret for so long and we're happy to announce that Baby Hess should be making his or her way into the world before the year's end.

Crazy? yes, we keep telling ourselves that.

Secretly we've been taking pictures and I've been blogging along the way. Now, finally we can share all the details with you guys.

I would say that the blog won't be turning into baby world, but I mean I have no idea. This blog's just about our lives and we feel like our life is about to change quite a bit (or at least that's what people tell us).

I think maybe we'll have baby updates on Mondays while we're in Colorado and camp life updates on Fridays. That's the plan, but who knows what will happen.

We announced Baby Hess on the facebook just a few days ago and the response of love and excitement was overwhelming. Good news if we fail miserably as parent, we have plenty of friends and family who seem to love this little guy (or girl) already. We love that.

For those of you wondering, I'm not quite "showing" yet, just mostly looking like I ate too many cookies and can't suck my tummy in. Still dancing like crazy at the barn dances, and gagging only when I see pulled pork...

More to come. Happy Monday. We love you guys!

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