Sep 23, 2013

Twenty-Five Weeks

Twenty-five weeks. Oh it's going so fast.

My belly keeps getting bigger. I'm past the point of "is she pregnant?" and all the way to strangers walking up and asking me when the baby's due. The kiddos at school are only 4 years old, but even they know.

4-year-old Boy: (pointing to my stomach) Why is your belly so BIG?
Me: It's because there's a baby in there!
4-year-old Boy: (look of excitement and slight panic) Baby's coming?!
Me: Yes, not today, but yes 'baby's coming.'
4-year-old-boy: What's his name?
Me: It's a girl actually.
4-year-old Boy: Oh. Well then her name is Kaylee. You call her Kaylee.

The kids crack me up. They must know people, possibly their mothers who have had babies recently. Because they know all the questions to ask. Where's the baby? When's it 'coming out'? Is it a boy or girl? What's the name? And they always seem to recommend the most interesting names. So far Suzie, Sheila, Kaylee, and some names I have no idea how to spell have been recommended by small children. It's like the conversations I've been having with adults, but much cuter.

Kyle and I also decided to hit the town this week. We headed out to the Olive Garden and I put on a fancy new "little" black dress from Target. I say "little" because it's super cute, but come on, it's a maternity dress, so it's not that little, lol.

We sat at the table and immediately I was uncomfortable. Poor Kyle had to sit through me deciding that we needed a booth and then talking about how the lady more pregnant than me got a booth. Poor guy, I got over it soon enough. And then laughed at how pregnant I was... then I couldn't decide between ordering an entree that was no longer on the menu or ordering my favorite soup. The waitress appeared to be quite amused, she set up the special off-menu order, then brought me soup for free, along with the salad and bread sticks. Oh and I ordered one of those dipping sauces for the bread sticks... which makes it like s 5 course meal. Oh I was so 'that pregnant lady.' I couldn't stop laughing at how much I was eating, and how much I loved Kyle Hess for not being embarrassed of me but for thinking I was still cute and beautiful.

I really do have the best husband.

Twenty Five Weeks
How far along? 25 Weeks
Maternity Clothes? Yes. Or Large t-shirts. Still rocking the elastic waist jeans from the summer, they are my new best friends. Full on maternity pants at work, and other than the occasional 'this was a poofy shirt before pregnancy' it's all maternity shirts here on out.
Stretch Marks? Just a few small ones, and I can't really tell yet if they're blood vessels popping up or stretch marks. But I'm not super excited about it either way...
Sleep? Sleeping well, waking up once a night for a potty break, but waking up on time with my alarm on a regular basis. So I consider that a triumph...
Best Moment This Week: It's been great to have Kyle home. When the baby kicks in the morning I love rolling over and sticking my belly on Kyle so the baby can kick him in the back. I love it. Best moment though may have been crying from the 'baby name test drive' which you'll here more about later...
Miss Anything?: I get the occasional craving for sushi or want to order a rare steak. But we don't go out that much anyway, and so far so good. I do miss sleeping on my back... oh, or I miss sleeping through the night, but I hear that may not happen for the next 18 years...
Movement? Yes. I love it! She's usually kicking at 6:30am when we wake up (but 8:00 on Saturdays, it's like she knows to sleep in), 8:00am on my way to work, different times throughout the day, and gets jumping again about 10:00pm when we're heading to bed.
Food Cravings?: None really. Occasionally I want one of those delicious cinnamon rolls and don't even think twice before buying a pack... but that happened before I was pregnant.
Boy or Girl? They say it's a girl!
Labor signs? Nope.
Belly Button In or Out? In, but getting smaller every day.
Wedding Rings On or Off? On, but probably should take them off before I go walking...
Showing? Yep. Definitely. No matter what I'm wearing.
Looking forward to: Getting the house ready for the baby, they call it nesting right? Getting things done around the house that will be harder once baby is here. We've been having people over, I've been building that head board, and gathering things for the nursery...

September 12, 2013
25 Weeks, 1 Day
Twenty five weeks. It's a little bit crazy to me. They say our sweet little baby, if born today (which would be super early) could (with a lot of ICU) survive today. Outside the womb.

It's funny how knowing that makes me excited that we're really having a baby. And that she's healthy and that it's all really happening. But typing that just a second ago actually was a little bittersweet. "She could survive without me..." somehow felt like our baby was heading off to college or getting married and that it was the day I realized she didn't need me anymore. I think maybe I've grown a little attached :)

The reality of things is that she does still need be. We've got plenty of weeks left for this bun to cook in the oven before she's really ready to live, and after that even I'm still the girl's main food source for a while. She needs me. And that makes me feel a little bit better.

But when I look in the mirror I most certainly have a baby belly. I'm pretty excited about the fact that the bump looks kind of 'defined' instead of just like a beer gut or a blubbery stomach. I'm pretty sure this is the only time I've ever been able to call my abdomen 'defined' so I'm hanging onto it as long as I can really.

But our house is starting to fill with baby things. I've been updating our baby registries with everything everyone recommends. When we first registered I think I had about 30 items on the list. Immediately I had multiple friends and family members say "oh you're going to need way more than that!" So I've been working on all the 'must-haves' of baby-ness.

The nursery has boxes and bags of clothes and toys and bedding that have been handed down to us for our sweet little baby. You wouldn't believe how full the nursery is getting, and we haven't even gotten 'the essentials' yet. The nursery is painted and we put together the crib (so graciously given to us) and it's starting to all make sense.

There's a baby on the way...

September 15, 2013
25 Weeks, 5 Days
As we got ready for church this morning Kyle and I were also baking in the kitchen. We had signed up to bring snacks for Sunday school, so we woke up a bit early to get our pigs in a blanket and blueberry peach casserole in the oven. While things were baking Kyle brought up baby names, "Have you thought any more about names?"

Truth is, I kind of had, but not with any great results. There are still just a few names we're thinking about for our little one, but there are still no definites, no "that's a great one." All the names are "I kind of like..." insert name here.

So we sat down living room looking at different names. Typing names into websites that would 'help' us decide. Scrolling through the top 50,000 names and seeing if we liked anything. Then I remembered a website that offered a "name test drive." You enter a name you're considering and it puts the name in multiple sentences. I typed in a few names and began to read them aloud to see what Kyle thought...
"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is BabyGirl Hess... BabyGirl pick up your toys! I'm not going to ask you again... I'm at BabyGirl Hess's house..."
And then we got to the next one...
"Do you BabyGirl Hess take this man...   ...   ..."
And I started crying. I burst into tears thinking about the day our sweet little baby girl gets married. Kyle stared at me and giggled a bit. I started to laugh and say "why am I crying? Oh I'm such an emotional pregnant lady." And I cried and laughed and wiped my eyes and couldn't even read the end of the sentence. But we both knew exactly why I was crying.

Because even though she doesn't have a name yet, we've never seen her, we haven't yet held her in our arms... We've already fallen in love with her. She's already our little girl. And she's surely already captured her momma's heart.

Baby's the size of a Head of Cauliflower... although again that seems small compared to how full my belly feels... I would love to show you our 25 Week pictures, but I'll admit. We didn't take any... oops. So we'll have to go with the one from the Olive Garden? We've been busy, don't think it'll scar our kiddo for life...

Twenty-five weeks, closer every day.

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