Jan 21, 2016

Travel and Closets

The last few months have been quite comical.

If you asked me 'what have you been up to?' I think that I'd run out of air or daylight before I told you everything.

The short version goes like this: Thanksgiving meant traveling and family and wonderful. And then the Christmas season meant we got real festive at the Hess House. Then real Christmas meant more traveling and family and wonderful. And then we travelled to the other family for more Christmas and family and wonderful. Top it off with a flight to Colorado and some more good family time in the snow and wow.

Let's just say that with the packing, laundry, repacking turnaround I could be a flight attendant for an entire family. Not to mention that my bedroom floor looked more like an episode of hoarders than anything resembling a place to rest my head.

Our hearts are full, but I've spent the past few weeks catching up on sleep and trying to create order in our lives once again.

To demonstrate the sleep deprivation (travel and travel and travel does not always a happy sleeper make...) I present to you:

The Time Kyle Laughed at Me in the Middle of the Night

In the wee hours of the dark morning, my dearest little boy woke. He cried his little cry and I flew across the room jumping at the sound of the baby monitor. Because I'm suuuuch a good mom.

It was the middle of the night. It was one of those nights where either the clouds were thick or the moon was new but the little bits of light that come through the bathroom window into our hallway were nonexistent.

I stumbled out of bed, startled, tired, and confused at where the hallway was because, well, travel. Sleeping in multiple rooms with multiple configurations over a few weeks time period can mess with anyone. I found the bedroom door, then the hallway, then Lincoln's door.

It wouldn't seem to open so I wiggled it a bit more. And then magically open it was.

In I went.

And SNAP! Yelp. Confusion.

There was a mousetrap on my foot.


The mousetrap that was in the hot water heater closet had snapped shut as my foot brushed it, sparing the bones in my foot but pinching me just a bit. This was the mousetrap in the closet that is down the hallway from Lincoln's room. This is the closet in which the door opens an entirely different direction than Lincoln's door. That one.

I wish I could say that I yelled so loud or was completely shocked but instead my zombie-like self just closed the door and made it to the nursery and eventually back to my bed where my husband was waiting.

Apparently the noise shocked him.

He wanted to know what happened.

I told him. He died laughing. I snapped out of my daze, and I laughed too. Mouse trap. Hot water heater. Tired. There we were a couple of sleep deprived parents just laughing at the good 'ole hour of half past way too late.

Then he turned to me and said, "that's funny, you've gotta put that on the blog." And there you have it.

So fellow moms and dads who have also 'survived' the holiday travels, I pray you are settling well back into routines. I pray you are getting sleep. And I'll also pray that you don't walk into your hot water heater closet tonight and step on a mousetrap. Just to be safe.

Because you never know. It could happen to anyone...
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