Feb 24, 2011

Seat Belts and Tulips

In Bible study this week we talked about the wisdom God gives you by God giving you "experiences" to learn wisdom. We mentioned that most of us have that "we endured a long distance relationship" wisdom.  No, that wasn't in the lesson, but in the chit chat before we got started.

Anyways, this Valentine's day I put some of that wisdom to use. 

My wonderful husband got me tulips and I said, "They are so pretty I wish I could look at them all day!" and so Kyle said, "then take them to work with you."

This is what happened: (Remember I drive 45 miles to work.)

See, that's one thing you learn in a long distance relationship. How to get flowers in one city, and still enjoy them in another. And yes that's the seatbelt and jackets as cushion for the vase.

And then I got to look at those all day! For days!

What "experiences" has God used to give you wisdom? And is it as useful as a seat-belted bouquet of tulips, or more maybe :)

And yep, I know the top picture has not changed for February... I had great Valentine plans for the picture, but then I got busy and hoped no one would realize because February is the short month.

As always, more to come. :)

Feb 21, 2011

Blackberries! (and Raspberries, too.)

So just as I was considering moving back south due to all the cold, freezing, ice subfreezing temperatures... Wonderful, bird chirping, sun shining, wind through your hair, must wear sun glasses, sandals, and short - weather comes along to East Texas.


So Kyle and I took advantage of Saturday and headed to Sam's. I know it's no playing in the park with a Frisbee but it was great. And we rounded the corner of the fun-in-the-sun aisle and saw this:

They were not in the produce aisle, and they were not seeds, but they were "ready to bloom this year" plants to grow and make berries for us! They had grapes which I was skeptical about having to water too much, they had blueberries that I really wanted, but then I saw the blackberries! And I convinced Kyle that we had to get them on account of my up-in-heaven-now Paw Paw Sherman.

I wish I had a picture of him to show you today, but I don't so I'll have to paint one with words. My Paw Paw Sherman led the Sunday school class at church, everyone knew and loved him, he made funny jokes, he grew up in a place called Hecker, and apparently was known for his pranks on his teachers.  He loved Jesus, loved his kiddos, and the "wild bunch" AKA my family.  He always wrote in capital letters, he always had an endless supply of yellow legal pads and chisel tip permanent markers, and my mother never in her life saw him wear shorts.  He had a wonderful garden and one time knowing that my little brother was expecting to dig up watermelons and didn't know that year the watermelons didn't sprout, my Paw Paw went to the store, bought a watermelon, covered it with dirt and let my little brother think he found it right in the garden. (Maybe I'll need to post more about him later, or my other wonderful relatives!)

But onto the blackberries... Growing up, we'd head over to my mom's parents house every Sunday after church. We'd eat rice gravy and meatballs every week out of these little white bowls. Then when it was the right season, we'd arm ourselves with old butter tubs and head out to harvest. We'd run around my Paw Paw's back yard getting every blackberry we could find. I'll note that he had tons, we had 4 kids plus cousins and parents and we all ended up with tons of blackberries every time we'd pick. A few minutes later our tongues and fingers would be stained purple and my Maw Maw Frances would be on her way to making yummy blackberry cobbler.

See only happiness comes from blackberries. So Kyle was convinced.

We came home and Sunday after church Kyle and I got right to it finding a sunny place with good soil to start our crop.  Sure they don't look like much now, but you just wait and see all the goodness come!

That's Blackberry A: In the ground.

And that's Blackberry B in the front and Raspberry B in the back.

And of course Raspberry A.

Won't this be so exciting to see them grow! Oh I hope they grow and I hope I don't kill them like the last plant I got.

So tell me, what are you planting this year?

Feb 16, 2011

Keep It Clean

This is what was delivered to me at work. To clean my scale after patients use it.

Good thing they put a monk on the logo... so I would know to "Keep It Clean"

Anyone else think this is hilariously funny. I giggle at it every day I see that little monk on my desk :)

Feb 15, 2011

Valentine's Extravaganza

Exactly 3 years ago Kyle and I had just started dating.  He had just started working as an intern at Sky Ranch in Van, TX.  I was still working my way to my bachelors in Nutrition down in good ole' Baton Rouge.  So we were about a month and half into our long distance relationship, and Valentine's Day came!

When I say Valentine's Day, I know some of your cringe, and some of you say "Single Awareness Day," but fo those who aren't single you may be thinking that there's the great expectation to live up to... waiting hours for a table at a restaurant, paying too much for flowers that will die soon, and buying chocolate for someone who probably set a New Years' Resolution to lose weight.

But for those of you in a new relationship, or those of you who are very much still lovebirds... you can remember how exciting the first Valentine's Day can be!

So Kyle and I were trying to figure out where we'd spend this special holiday and then it turned out he was working for the weekend. Oh well.

But Kyle got together with two of the other interns and planned what they called "Girlfriend Weekend."  The other two interns had also met girls at camp the summer before and had recently begun the long-distance relationship challenge.  We arrived that weekend to find out that all three girlfriends were there in a cabin the boys had decorated with flowers and candy! It's a weekend we'll never forget.

...which leads me to Valentine's Day 2011. It just so turns out all those 'girlfriends' became 'wives' and all those 'interns' became 'full-time staff' out at Sky Ranch. So in girls Bible study it's the three of us ladies, and one ther lovely married lady who her also visited her then boyfriend out at the Ranch while they were dating long distance.  We have loads of fun sharing stories. And a few weeks ago we remembered "Girlfriend Weekend" and planned this:

Fancy Valentine's Dinner

We used all of our own dishes that we're so proud of, candles leftover from our own weddings, flowers left over from recent weddings, Christmas lights, wedding shower decorations, and our own flair to create a Valentine Date masterpiece.

 Josh and Katie's Table                 Kyle and Brittany's Table

Becca and Trevor's Table                  Jenn and Chris's Table

We told our husbands to dress up, come hungry, and arrive at 6. That's all they were told.

We has a night with wonderful food we made ourselves, dancing via Kyle's ipod, and sparkling apple cider toasts to our wonderful husbands. Jenn to Chris. Katie to Josh. Becca to Trevor. and Me to Kyle. and of course for more on the night, and great pics of the actual couples and dancing! check out Becca's blog of the special event!

Maybe we had more fun than they did. But we think they were secretly jumping up and down with excitment on the inside.

So enjoy Valentine's Day today. Married, dating, engaged, or single... take time to tell someone in your life that you love them. And it doesn't even have include a box of chocolates (although they may very well appreciate it!)

Feb 12, 2011

Real Snow! See!

It really snowed! Like rolling up snowmen (even thought they were dirty) snow!

And I convinced my husband (who is very used to snow being from Oklahoma) to go out and play in it with me! Because where I come from, this never happens! Story here.

Enjoy the weather today. Even if that means you must make an army of snow men to use it all up!

P.S - Don't I just have the cutest husband :)

Feb 9, 2011

I'm Losing It

So I work with patients who are, shall we say, elderly. And some of them are, well, forgetful.

It's rubbing off.

So Monday morning I got up early (on time), ate breakfast, read the daily devotional with Kyle, got dressed and gave Kyle a "honey have a wonderful day" kiss as I headed out the door.

Then I realized I needed my keys. But they weren't on the key hook! They weren't on the couch, were not in my purse... Could not find the keys. But I did find oh! no! the meat we bought last night and forgot to put in the fridge! but still the keys weren't there either!

After delaying my departure and making me a little upset, I ran to get my spare car key and headed out the door. Oh money wasted on now spoiled food, and time wasted on the fact that I cannot seem to use the key hook.

So Monday I returned home after work and Kyle and I headed to the store to re-buy the meat that spoiled. I'm still trying to figure out where my keys are because by this time I've really looked everywhere. Where could they be??

Yep. In the planter by the garage. In the dirt. That's right kids, I'm losing it.

Make a plan today about what you'll do when you start to lose your mind. I got married: found a man who can find my keys, even if they are in the flowerless planter under the carport. Thanks Kyle.

Feb 2, 2011


So today, it snowed! Tomorrow when I leave for work it will be 17 degrees... with a wind chill of 1 degree! Did you read that?? One! Degree!!!

Now I know my friends in Pewaukee, Wisconsin are thinking, oh wow, Brittany must live in the tropical part of the United States.

But, here's the story. I'm from a little place called the south. Where food is spicy, the men open doors for the ladies, and yummy means Mike Rowe visits, makes boudin, and calls it a dirty job. Who knows. But when I grew up I didn't walk 10 miles through the snow uphill both ways... no, when it hit 32 outside the town shut down. The schools close for fear that at 32 a kid could sneeze and it could freeze and everyone would die.

Get it?

So when I see 32 degrees on the weather forecast I don't know what to do. I don't know how to drive in snow, I don't know how to dress for snow, I don't know how to cover the water spickets or let the sink drip so that pipes don't freeze? When they say "winterize my car" I always thought that just meant that I could knock the dust off the heater button in case I may need it.

Does anyone remember the Lake Charles Ice Storm of  January '97 (or the baby boom of October 1997)?

Anyway, this southern girl is going to have to pack on the layers tomorrow when the wind chill hits 1 degree. Yep, that's singular "degree." At least I thought ahead and made beef stew tonight... and already got together my first aid bag and figured out my evacuation plan... oh wait, that's for hurricanes. ;)

Embrace the snow! or anything else that may be different than what you are used to.

And for you viewing pleasure: Not the snow from Texas, but a few recent pics from the snow up at Ute Trail on Colorado taken by none other than Mr. Hess.

 Our First Home! now covered with snow!

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