Jul 24, 2013

The First Appointment

Still on the trail of playing catch up to our current baby status... we give you 'The First Appointment.'

Okay so try to follow with us. We know it's about to get confusing. It's confusing for us too... We had our first doctor's appointment on May 6th thinking we were about 8-9 weeks along...

May 6, 2013
6 Weeks, 6 Days
Note to Baby Hess: "Today was a pretty big day. Today I got to see you for the very first time. I heard your little heartbeat and I knew you weren't a tumor and I wasn't crazy and you're actually a living, heart-beating baby in my fun little uterus nest. And I love you already. You have a cute heart, and the rest of you looks like a blob. And I thought your yolk sac was your head. I love you, and I can finally start saying 'baby,' because before I think I was too scared to call you anything else."

Today was our first prenatal doctor's a appointment. I dropped something in the toilet on accident, a lady blew out one of the veins in my hand and Kyle and I laughed a little more that people are probably supposed to laugh while waiting in the doctor's office. The doctor was great and she probably thought I was a little crazy, the words "Sorry, I'm kind of a Nutrition Nerd" did come out of my mouth.

It all started with the urine sample. They handed me a cute little sterile (important) cup and I headed to the bathroom. I opened the sterile packaging, set the cup on the back of the toilet and reached down to unbutton my khakis... and I heard the splash. Yep, apparently the back of the toilet in the doctor's office is not flat. It's round and my *sterile* cup was in the toilet. I had to tell my story to the nurse to get another cup, I'm sure she thought I was crazy, and I'm sure she lied to me when she said "it happens all the time" but I like her more for it. I found out the nurse has twins in her belly so I already think she's a champ.

Urine sample complete. And back to the exam room, where Kyle and I kept giggling at the posters in the room. It's clearly an office for ladies and not for men... Kyle has a good sense of humor. And I'm glad because I think we were in that office waiting for 30-45 minutes. I know you think I'm exaggerating, but I checked my watch. It was that long, pregnant lady was getting hungry.

Doctor comes in, asks a few questions. And get to the business of showing us the baby. You know that baby we thought was 9 weeks old, the pregnancy where I thought I was almost free and clear of the nausea of the first trimester...

First thing she says is, "well, you're not that far along." Hmm... Then she started measuring things with her fancy machine. She seemed really good at what she was doing with her little arrows on the screen so I didn't interrupt her to say "what are we even looking at?" After she measured then she started to tell us what we were seeing.

I said, "So there's a baby in there?" And she pointed to a blob on the screen that looked a little like a cocoon thing. I was kind of freaking out that there was actually a baby in there. I told Kyle while we were waiting "I'm going to be so embarrassed when they say 'yep, don't know why you thought you were pregnant, nothing in there..."

But they didn't. And just as I thought all we'd get to see was out baby blob, she said listen to this...

And it was our little guy (or girl's) heartbeat. I started to tear up because that meant we had a baby and so far it's little heart was beating and so it was healthy and I was in love already. Kyle said later that he was pretty sure he thought it was my heartbeat, that he wondered how they could tell the difference. That made me laugh.

But then she said, "Oh wait, I love when we get to see this..." And there it was on the little screen we could see the little heart beating. I knew our doctor was really good at what she was doing.

And so she took some more measurements to tell us how old our little cocoon baby was and then she told us 6 weeks and 6 days. Which Kyle immediately looked up and saw that we were back to blueberry baby. I love blueberries...

She didn't tell us until the end when she printed out the pictures and asked us lots of questions and then spun her little cardboard baby timer thing. You know, after I said, "Did we tell you we're moving to Colorado for the entire summer?" and we all freaked out a little. After all that nonsense she said, "so looks like the due date is:

December 24th."

Well Santa's bringing us a baby everyone. Oh my. Must have been on the nice list this year.

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