Dec 18, 2013

Thirty-Eight Weeks


Thirty Eight Weeks! Many women don't even make it this far... I cannot believe we're there already! Every day we think 'is today the day?' It's getting crazy exciting wondering when we're finally going to get to meet our baby girl. Got a few last things done this week. Bought the baby book so they can put her footprints in it right in the hospital! We put the finishing touches on the nursery. I got the bathrooms set and ready for when my parents come to town for the baby, and the laundry pile is almost diminished :) I even wrapped Christmas gifts this weekend, all done with Christmas shopping other than what I'm getting for Kyle. Just need a few more days to complete some things at work and we'll be all set. Right?

December 10, 2013
38 Weeks, 0 Days

Man oh man! I can hardly believe we're at 38 weeks! This baby really could come any day now! It's exciting and scary and ridiculous all at the same time. I'm not sure who said you can't be 'just a little pregnant,' but let me tell you definitely can be 'a whole lotta pregnant!' I know my stomach's holding the baby in, but I'm thinking maybe they should make a baby sling that I can wear over my belly to hold the baby up already, lol... (how do moms carrying multiples do it??)

Getting lots done. I told people over the weekend that we're pretty much prepared at the house, but that I need a little time at work. We haven't yet installed the car seat because it's been 30 degrees outside and I cannot see standing outside in the ice to figure out the car seat being anything but torture at this point. I thought maybe it would warm up today, then it was 24 degrees... soon.

As prepared as we are at the house, I keep saying I need to make it to the end of the week at work. There's lots of December things that are due that I'd like to get wrapped up before baby comes. Maybe she'll let me... maybe she won't... but I'm sure working hard to get everything completed.

As far as baby supplies, I may have almost done a cartwheel today about my recently purchased baby items. I love reading a website called The Wise Baby. They've got great baby registry recommendations, product reviews, and what they call 'real mom' recommendations for baby gear. And in the past two days they've reviewed both the Britax B-Safe car seat we bought AND the Motorola MBP33 video monitor that we bought! Great reviews... in the world of a million decisions for baby gear I feel so accomplished today, lol.

Here's to being a mom very very soon... but needing to get just a few more things done before she arrives. But I think I do get bonus points for steam cleaning our carpets last night, right? Nesting met new toy carpet cleaner and I just couldn't stop myself...

December 12, 2013
38 Weeks, 2 Days

No real signs of impending labor just yet. Maybe the normal Braxton Hicks contractions, and the fact my pelvis aches quite a bit. The same way the bones get sore after your ride a bike for too long... except only in different places. It's an odd feeling, knowing my bones are stretching, lol.

I walked for 15 minutes last night, had a great amount of energy. But I will tell you that every time I stand up or roll over I think, man I'm heavy! It's the same way you grab too many groceries and then lift them and walk with all your might to get them into the house. Consider me full of groceries... all the time.

I have a doctor's appointment today and we'll see what they say. This week I've been busy getting all the medical information in order. I called the hospital to see if we needed to pre-register for admission (they said we could but didn't have to). I called to make sure we have a pediatrician lined up who's accepting new patients. I made a Word document with the hospital number and the doctors' numbers and names and addresses. Just in case. And I also asked the big question that I'd been meaning to ask, "If I'm in labor what door do I enter at the hospital?" They said at our hospital we go to the Emergency Room and enter there. I'm glad I asked... because I realized I had no idea. Now I'm wondering if Kyle will have to drop me off at the ER and then drive around and park the car.. that doesn't seem like much fun.

But I am a planner and we're getting ready. And yesterday it was even warm enough to practice our car seat install! I realized our Camry does have LATCH, but doesn't have LATCH in the middle seat which I thought was odd because it's the safest place in the car. I read an article in my Lucie's List Email List that said the safest place in the car for baby (in the proper seat of course) is the rear middle seat. Next best is the rear seat behind the driver; they say side collisions are more likely to happen when turning left and hitting an oncoming car meaning the passenger side gets slammed. They said human instinct would cause the driver to swerve to protect themselves in the case of an accident so having baby on the same side as the driver is better for that reason too. Now I'm just trying to figure out the convenience... because you know it's way easier to reach the rear passenger seat from the driver's seat then reaching awkwardly behind you to get to the rear driver's seat... Who knows?

Real excited about the doctor's visit today... biggest questions are "Is the baby head down?" and "Is the baby facing the right direction?"

December 13, 2013
38 Weeks, 3 Days

My husband bought me milk last night... we ran out. I drink milk like it's going out of style, maybe a gallon every 3-4 days or more. My husband knows how to woo me: buy me milk when we run out. And then he surprised me with a special gallon of milk. Check out that expiration date?! It's on the milk now, baby must be close!

Baby is the size of a pumpkin this week. And we've still got a pumpkin on our front porch :) Here I was laughing at the house that still had the giant ghost Halloween poster on their door after they put up their Christmas lights. Then there's me with my pumpkin on the porch and the Christmas wreath on the door... I'm 38 Weeks pregnant, that's my excuse at least. :)

We are getting so close! Man oh man it could be any day now! Wondering how many more weekly pictures we'll get...

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