Jan 2, 2012

Best of 2011

So we've been off in Christmas Wonderland for the past few weeks. We shopped (me online, of course), wrapped, drank lots and lots of hot chocolate, baked cookies, and visited the relatives for two wonderful Christmases. We truly are blessed by the Lord and or families. Special thanks to my sister and brother and their chauffeur Drew ;) for driving in to make a Kingsley Christmas on New Year's weekend possible, and to my brother of course for Skyping in even though he was out of town.

This weekend I went down memory lane while cleaning out my childhood bedroom of all the stuff I've collected over the year... movie tickets, school notebooks from every class I've ever taken, and the likes.

So I figured we'd take a recap of the blog this past year (because I'm still figuring out my MY favorite moments of the year were). We had visitors from mostly the US, but also Brazil quote frequently (Hello Brazil!), Dominica, Canada, and the UK.

Our Top Five Cities for Visitors in 2011:
1. Shreveport
2. Lake Charles
3. Baton Rouge
4. Dallas
5. Lindale
Probably not a coincidence that most of these are places I've lived. And don't worry, I can't actually see who's reading, it's not that creepy. Feel free, read as much as you like.

I also looked back to see which post were the most popular, most visited this year, and hopefully your favorites. Interesting really.

So here they are the Top Five Hint of Hess blog posts of 2011.

Number Five:
Colorado-ness in June
Where we finally got some pics and posts up from our wonderful summer home at Sky Ranch Ute Trail in Colorado. Oh how we love Colorado!

Number Four:
Wedding Wedding! in July
It's just fun to read and write about weddings. This one here was about Kyle's sister's wedding and the party we had that weekend celebrating!

Number Three:
Buying the Hess House! in August
Which is when we announced the beginning of our hunt for a new home. Oh was that an adventure!

Number Two:
Valentine's Extravaganza in February
As we spilled the details of our incredible fun and incredible wife-y Valentine's Day dinner that me and my friends Becca, Jenn, and Katie planned for our husbands. Those boys showed up in style too!

And finally Number One:
Summer List of Wonders in June
Probably because I talked about it so much. Maybe this next summer we'll tackle a few more after the thesis is done... Until then I'm sure we'll come up with a few New Year's resolutions or something...

PS - Completed that goal... met my new niece Kinsey, twice actually!

I've got a few things up my sleeve for 2012. Watch out, lol. What about you? What were your favorite moments of 2011, or you're favorite posts on the blog??

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