Jun 17, 2011


I may not be able to describe how excited I was to see my husband. He's really attractive and funny, and I like him a lot.

I love being here at camp. Oh how I love camp life. It's busy. Our first meeting starts at 7:45am and we are literally ON until like 11ish that night. And then we live on camp here. And I still do our laundry, clean our room... you know, in our 'spare time.' Real Busy.

But it's funny, because one of the mom yesterday said "Ya'll are just working so hard so that we can enjoy family camp." And my only response is that WE really are enjoying working so hard!

So for your enjoyment (in case you're stuck in the office all day and it's sun shining outside) here's some of the "work" we're doing up at Ute.

And if you are, in fact, in the office all day... use this as motivation to make the most fun out of the work you do. What kind of fun do you have planned today?

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