Aug 3, 2011

Buying the Hess House?

So I'm not sure if I've mentioned before that we currently live in a rent house. A cozy, homey, just-right-for-us rent house. We have a great landlord, and we pay a great price for rent. We love this house...

But we're thinking about buying a real house!

Crazy, I know.

Now don't worry, we haven't jumped into anything just yet. We're looking over our finances 5 million times and reading books and blogs on buying a home. And we've been stalking the house market in our town since early spring. Really this may take us years to decide all this.

See we took a financial class this past fall and I loved it. But one thing I'll never forget is that all the other people in the class were older than us, or well... more lived. And they kept telling us, "oh I wish I had had this advice when I was your age...oh if I could go back and do it right." So even in all the reading, I thought. Hmm, I wonder what the readers think?

So feel free to comment (and please do). Share your worst and best house buying stories. What to do? What you did and are glad you did, or wish you wouldn't.

Like I said, we're not moving tomorrow or anything... but I'm a planner. And I love to read! :)

Enjoy your home today, whether a rental, a real house, a dorm room, a counselor cabin, or even your parent's house. Because really you don't need a house to have a home :)


  1. Hey m'am! Just wanted to tell you how much I love reading your blog!! I think if ya'll are ready buying a house is a great idea! I think James and I may rent for a year to cont saving first. Keep us updated!

    Kelly Tolar

  2. In this economy,more people are renting...just saying ...

  3. Everytime we go to get the mail we pass your road and Rachal says, "Brittany's house!" It makes me miss you.

  4. decided to sign in to "follow you" since I read it anyway which is always good to see!
    As far as a house...make a list of things you like in a house then make it a list of things you want in a house & rank it like have to have or would like...1 of mine at the top was 2 bathrooms. I wanted a garage & a kitchen I like the look of. I liked the space the house has & walk in closets. Things I gave up were a brick house & a bigger garage. I got a house with carpet cuz I knew I could change that. I have also found that I like my house not being on the main street of a neighborhood. Have fun with the process :)


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