Jan 6, 2012

B-Ball Begins!

So tomorrow is the big day... our first real basketball game!

After 2 practices we've figured out 3 things:

1. None of us have every played basketball before.

2. The tallest member of our team, who happens to be really good, asked me after I missed a basket on an 8-foot goal while standing right under it, "so did you play basketball?" I had to answer honestly and tell her that I didn't. It went something like this: "Well, not exactly, like no, not in high school or anything." ... I mean, maybe I missed that basket on purpose as to not show up the girls on the team... right?

3. I'm thanking the local P.E. teacher whomever he or she may be... when I was teaching the girls some of the basketball rules (you have to dribble, no dribbling with two hands, if you stop dribbling you have to either shoot or pass) they piped up and said "oh we learned that today in P.E.!" Dear Lindale PE teacher, thank you. It's really hard to teach the entire game of basketball in just two 1 hour practices... with water breaks and all ;)

Loving it. Ready for the game tomorrow. May the Lady Tigers dominate! And by dominate I mean look great out there and have fun, because they don't keep score in the 1st and 2nd grade... who knew.

They sent me home this week with the coaches box!!

And yes the uniforms do resemble Texas A&M, but all the teams are the same colors... and me and my severe hitchhiker thumb aren't "gigging them" I was just going for a thumbs up, lol....

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll let you know how it goes... And if you're in Lindale, game's at 8am on Saturday, come cheer us on!!

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