Dec 12, 2011


So I love cookies. Making them and eating them and eating them and even, eating them.

We had a few friends over this weekend for our Christmas season cookie decorating. I somehow forgot to take pictures of the actual people, but lucky you I snagged some pictures of the cookies.

{Robert Rund}

{Madison O'Connor}

And then as we all snuggled in for a viewing of the Santa Clause... the fire alarm went off. Smoky haze all in the back room and kitchen and then we found these. In the oven.

Funny how hard it is to see smoke in the dark, or even smell it when you're not paying attention... or when you set the 6 minutes on the timer but forget to press the start button.

No damage to the house. We're airing out the smell. And the pan survived without a scratch.

Merry Christmas. Now go bake some cookies... the gingerbread cookie mix goes fast on the supermarket shelves!

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