Jan 11, 2012

Basketball Recap!

So I know you are all just dying to know how the game went! :)

Let me tell you what, I actually got a little nervous putting my coach's jersey on and heading to the gym. But these girls were ready!

They were soo great! They blocked and rebounded and made multiple baskets! they passed to their teammates so every got a turn. The were nice to the other team when things got a little more aggressive. Really, no kidding, aggressive.

We have a few things to work on. Like what it means to NOT full court press. Who knew you had to run back across the half court line when the other team gets the ball and wait for them to cross to defend. Yep, I didn't. Oops. But we'll work on that...

They were so great. So great! Oh I could not be more proud.

And they don't keep score in the 1st and 2nd grade, but let me tell you what, every girl on our team kept score in her own head and out loud, of course. And so even though it "doesn't really matter"... we Won! They were so pumped!

I handed out their little award stars last night at practice and we're ready for the next game. Bring it on!

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