Jun 4, 2011

Summer List of Wonders

So. I'm home and have some free time this summer I figured I had time to get some things done.  I'm not in classes at the moment and it's more free time than I've had since Spring Break 2005. Maybe.  So I conjured up a list of things I'd like to accomplish over the summer. A Summer List of wonder, if you will...
1. Buy a Sewing Machine: I have the money for one and I want to take a lot of time and pick the perfect one.

2. Make Christmas Ornaments: I want to sew some when I get the sewing machine. There's just no extra time in the actual Christmas Season. (Like these?)

3. School Things: Like finish my thesis mini-proposal, begin to collect my data, and make sure to enroll for at least 1 class this fall.
4. Rake and Mow the Yard: Maybe by the end of the summer I's do that one. (Raking is still left over from the fall...)
5. Make the coat rack that we bought hooks for months ago.
6. Repaint the Kitchen Table and the Desk: Will I ever have the time, space, or guts.
7. Clean out our Bedroom.
8. Exercise a lot. Like 3-5 times a week. I have to to make up for all the yummy food I eat too much of while I'm in Colorado.
9. Make cake or cupcakes. Cute ones for showers or work or something. Maybe like these...
10. Help out at camp in Texas somehow. We'll see.
11. Drink more water.
12. Babysit for free for the people who have kids in the East Texas area. Really, take me up on this one :)
13. Practice more guitar. Still planning on playing a Christmas Carol or two one day for the fam.
14. Try to see my family, my Aunt and Uncle in Dallas, and maybe even a friend in Lake Jackson?? I'm bad at this one.
15. Meet my new neice. Yep, that's right, my sister in law Bekah and her husband had their third kid, FIRST GIRL, and so I now have a neice for the first time. Told Bekah "I think I love her already." But I should probably try to meet her too.
I think it's possible. There are more things. Like write letters to friends, find the best haircut for me, do the landry, talk on the phone and be all mushy lovey dovey with my husband... but we'll start with these 15 :)
What about you. What are your plans for the summer??

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