Jan 18, 2012

They call it "Comps."

So I'm at the point in my graduate school education for a little thing called "comps" or the Comprehensive Exam in Human Ecology. Pretty much for one week, it's kind of madness.

On Friday I'll get an email with 4 questions, (each representing a class I took in grad school) and by the next Friday I'll send in four 5-page essays.

Saying it that way makes it seem easy.

But pretty much our house will go on hold from Friday until Friday. I'll still go to work every day, and then race home to work on the essays. Which means I'll have to plan meals ahead (because fast food does not a happy student make... for me.)

Are we remembering what that was like.... I actually found all my notes from grad school, whew!


So here's the run down of easy to prepare (not necessarily healthy) foods for the week. That Kyle man that lives here will be doing all the cooking.

For Lunches at Work: Just Straight PB&J, Apple, or Tuna Packs

Thursday: Leftover Hot Dogs, Chili, Baked Beans (Sometimes I hear they send out the questions on Thursday, so we're planning accordingly).
Friday: Tuna Fish Sandwiches and Smoothies
Saturday: Lunch: Chicken Wrap, Dinner: Roast Rice and Gravy with Carrots and Potatoes (Crock Pot).

Sunday: Lunch: Leftover Roast Sandwiches, Dinner: Freezer Pizza
Monday: Fajitas with Pre-Cooked Strips, Bell Pepper, Onion, Non-Fat Refried Beans (from the can), Chips, Salsa
Tuesday: (Basketball Practice) Can of Soup and Crackers
Wednesday: Freezer Pizza
Thursday: Quesadillas, Beans, Chips, Salsa

Friday: Woo hoo, done! We're cooking up a storm or going out to eat to some place wonderful!

I think it'll feel great to have that done. And I'm planning on that being the thing that gets me back in the groove of school-working at night to hammer out this thesis...

After that week, it'll be 2 hard push weeks for the thesis and I'm practically done. Wooo hoo! (Sort of.)

I think I may just attend graduation after all of that.... even if it is hours away, and more than likely no one will be there to see it... (but I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch on this graduation thing, gotta get to work!)

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