Jul 21, 2011

Wedding Wedding!

So after the Kingsley vacation I headed up to Norman to meet Kyle for the Hess-Malthaner wedding! Woo woo. Got to do the bridesmaid thing, loved helping get everything ready for the wedding. Loved getting to see my husband again, and in a tux!

Kyle was excited to see me to... he kept taking pictures of me.

Had the best cake I've ever had at the bridal luncheon.

And I got to meet that sweet little niece of ours for the first time. Sure, maybe I was a baby hog... but I was making up for lost time.

Kyle and his little sis.. AKA the Bride!

Getting ready to go!


So I was walking past the man-dressing room and the boys said, "he come here, we need a girl." Hmm. Ends up, someone dropped off the boutineres and thought they would know how to put them on. Needless to say, they had no idea. So here's me, and the Groom!

So at the end of the ceremony I see my husband stuff something back into his pocket real quick. He was taking this picture, lol. (Did I mention it was after he 'good game'-ed the groom on stage...)

Landen, our nephew didn't quite make it through the ceremony...

Jennifer and Kyle's dad did a coreographed number, that was FABULOUS! Absolutely fabulous.

And did I mention Kyle got to ride, oops I mean help, by vacuuming using the zamboni vaccuum!

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