Jan 30, 2011

DIY: For that fridge full of Save the Dates

Okay, so my teacher has my thesis and is reviewing it! Leaving me with free time until she gives it back to me to edit.

Free time.... wow.

So I figured I should probably run errands, or do laundry, or clean up the house, or even shower.

...then I realized what I needed to do was a craft. See I'm one crafty lady. (Now maybe you don't think my projects would show up in your house, or in anyone's house that you even know), but I love to make things. And I personally love to love the things I make.

So today, while attempting to organize the house I saw our new refrigerator. Brand new, gorgeous, just got it for Christmas refrigerator. But the thing is, you would never even see the fridge because of the loads and loads of blessing piled on top.

Save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards...

Now I love to see them, I love to get excited about the upcoming events and the marriages and showers... but in all the mess I end up forgetting to RSVP because I couldn't see the invitation under the other 6 Save the Dates from last week. Whew.

Problem Solved.

You'll need paper, stamps or markers, tape, and magnetic clips. (I found what was around the house).

Figure out what titles you'll need. We Needed:
So we can remember what's coming up and have the directions, time, location handy.

Send Gift
For the wedding or showers we cannot attend, but if the budget's decent we'd love to send gifts to.

RSVP on Time
For obvious reasons. Yes, from a former bride, please RSVP. (and to those I forgot to RSVP for... I'm sorry. I blame it on the fridge mess. Won't happen again)

Save the Date
For all the save the dates, until the invitations come. In that case the magnet ones get moved to the front of the fridge and others tossed.

Label it up. I used my handy stamp collection for a more 'professional' look.

Because I used white note cards they blended in with the white fridge, so I added a little "left over from our own wedding gifts" tissue paper.

Ta da. All done. Much better.

Get to it. Organize something in your life today, even if it's something small like the side of the fridge.

1 comment:

  1. Hey! I recognize one of those Save the Dates! Good job organizing B.

    Love you both!

    Ruth M.


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