Jan 28, 2011

Oh Kyle Sandwiches.

So today Kyle and I woke up and I remembered that today was one of those days I would need to/ have to shower. You know... like normally if you woke up late you would skip the shower, but not today because your hair is so gross that it HAS TO be washed... anyone else have those?

Anyway so today when I realized that HAD TO shower and I would be running late for work I also remembered that I needed to still pack a lunch. When I saw Kyle enjoying his morning, I asked him ever so sweetly if he would make me a sandwich.

Now, laugh all you want. I have guy friend who laugh and laugh about getting married and asking their wives to make them sandwiches. But this, ladies, was a GREAT sandwich!

Can you see all the wonderfulness in there (even my metallic purple nail polish). I'll explain...whole Grain bread, cream cheese, lettuce, powerful red onions, ham, pepper, turkey, and olive oil! Oh my goodness, try it today.

Like Right now.

Like Get up from the computer and make this sandwich.

Before today, I had always stuck to the PB&J (which is my favorite) or tuna fish (which is also my favorite) or something like bananas and honey on french toast sandwich. And I thought I got creative, come to think of it, I make some really great sandwiches...but not like this...

Not today. Today, ladies, try this sandwich. Or ask your husband to make you a sandwich and see if he's got some crazy chef gene up his sleeve like that Mr. Hess.

More to come as I catch up on the days I was out sick with a case of "thesis proposal." And guess what?! I finally uploaded Christmas photos. So they'll be arriving soon!

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  1. Way to go Kyle, You're the man! You can come and make my lunch any time! Mom/Janet


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