Jan 13, 2011

Self Defense and 19 days left.

So today I've been thesis-ing. I will admit that yesterday I did not do much because I was making cake truffles (otherwise known as "cake balls") for my co-worker's birthday AND welcoming my husband home!

Now I'm not sure many of you knew my husband was out of town. See I read somewhere that you're not supposed to post things like that on the internet. You know 'they' say that if you update your facebook status people who you think are your friends may just not be.

Jarold Harper: is sooo excited about his new 79inch flat screen for Christmas!
Jarold Harper: is packing for the winter vacay!
Jarold Harper: is excited to be heading to the Bahamas! See you in January!

Jarold Harper: is mad someone stole his flat screen while he was gone! How did they know?


So I figure now that my husband is back in town, I can tell you that he was gone. Plus I think they give that warning because they think maybe some woman may not be able to hold her own if her husband is away. But for those of you thinking about it... this woman can, in fact "hold her own" and has been recently trained in self-defense at work and is prepared to use both the defense and the offense.

You know, just in case you were thinking.

But for today. Quick report for 19 days left of thesis proposal-ing: I've been working on the thesis proposal. I spent many many hours doing online training so that I'm qualified to even apply for an IRB approval exemption. Tonight I'm working on what they call a Review of Literature.

So today I'll teach you a little about thesis-ing. A "review of literature" is when you search all the journals and all the databases about everything that's already out there on your topic. You search high and low, far and wide and then write it all into a 20 page-ish paper. To say, here's the problem in the world, here's the research that agrees with me, but here's why me doing this project is actually important. Please let me do it.

Enough about school work. Kyle took a video of a little Just Dance action tonight. Maybe I'll figure out how to post it.

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