Jan 11, 2011

Thesis-ing: T-minus 21

Dear those of you who are students, or who were ever students, or who have students,

I'm still a student. I'm trying to get my Masters and there's this big big mountain in my way called a THESIS. Yes, like most mountains it's exciting and would be quite an adventure. But... you have to start climbing. I started. Then I sat down to take a break and now my legs are tired.

My thesis proposal is due by February, like by the time February starts.

I have twenty days to finish my thesis proposal, and I need to get hardcore about it. So I need your help. For 20 days the blog may be all about what I like to call thesis-ing because I hope that's all I'm doing (other than staring into my husband's eyes, trying a new recipe I found on Pioneer Woman Cooks, starting up spring Bible study, and ...). See I get distracted.

So the blog's holding me accountable. Each day for 20 days I have to report progress on the thesis. Done. See it's in print now and so I have to.

Progress today: Setting up a 20 day plan. And then fleshing out the notes I made on Sunday.

What can you do for 20 days???

And don't worry, I'm sure I'll convince Kyle to post about something actually fun :)

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  1. Hi Brittany! It's Meredith from the internship...what a neato blog you have going! I was just curious what your thesis is on. I really want to finish my Master's as well but I am not sure what direction to take at this point. Good luck, I bet starting is the hardest part and once you get a rhythm going with it you'll knock it out! :)


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