Jan 6, 2011

Dear 2010... January to March

It being the start of a new year, a lot of us tend to reflect on the previous year. I thought it's be a great idea to give a month by month rundown of our year, and then once Becca did so on the Jordan's blog... well I knew it was allowed.

2010 was a big year for us! The following are my feelings about 2010 :)

Dear 2010,
I love you and miss you. You were great to us, oh we did so much together. I really will remember you for the rest of my life! Attached is the memories we shared.... So far I don't know 2011 really well, but I hope things turn out. Can we still be friends?

- Wedding Planning
- Wedding Planning
- Editing wedding plans, and registry lists!
- Kati Mason (now Kern) took our super professional ;) pics for our made by Brit email Save the Dates!

- Brit hand paints 5 million wedding invitations!
- Tons of snow in Lindale, Kyle, John, Malcolm and Clinton build an Igloo!
- Under the weight of the snow, the Reception Tent falls... but will be repaired for the wedding!
- Engagements with Jill Pfalser with Jill Marie Photography

Engagements by Jill Pfalser Jill Marie Photography

- Norman for Man Tools Shower and Ladies Shower!
- Lake Charles trip for Bridal Shower and Caralie Surprise!!
- And Payton's birthday of course... although I could not be there :(

Stay tuned for the rest of our 2010: Spring, Summer, Fall and always... Christmas!

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